BaseLinker Changelog – June 2024


BaseLinker is being extended with new modules, features and options every day. Below is a list of the modifications made in June. The most important updates are described in separate blog posts as they are implemented.

Product Manager and Order Manager

[Automatic Actions] Ability to edit fields in the delivery and billing address (Address, City, Country, Postal Code, Province, VAT) using automatic actions and additional fields
An example schema for an Automatic Action might look like this: In Additional Field 2, enter the city name, then set AA Modify Order → City (shipping address) → [additional_field2_123].

[Automatic Actions] The condition “Product with SKU” received a new connector “Does not contain phrase”

[Archive] Creating a correction to an archived order automatically restores it to the order list

[BaseLinker Connect] Ability to pass only products with a specific tag to connected BaseLinker Connect accounts

[BaseLinker Connect] New method for marking payments for orders coming from BaseLinker Connect
In the Payment Method section, a new phrase appears for orders paid through BaseLinker Connect.

[Catalog] Ability to display the average purchase price on the product list

[Inventory] Ability to add and remove tags to products in Automatic Actions

[Inventory] Ability to add descriptions to multi EANs

[Inventory] Ability to configure an additional shipping email address for suppliers
This feature allows assigning dedicated email addresses to individual suppliers, e.g., for personal account managers. The goal is also to improve communication and increase message deliverability by using a custom mail server.

[Inventory] In inventory documents, next to the order number, we now display the number of the associated invoice or receipt

[Printouts] Adding tags for all return forms to the Orders section in printouts
The function enables generating a QR code with a link to the return form. The printout with the code can be automatically attached to the invoice. Placed in the package, it allows the customer to quickly scan the code with a smartphone and fill out the return form online, streamlining the customer service process.

[Printouts] New amazon_prime tag in printouts

[Orders] Two new order splitting scenarios – according to availability, according to the source warehouse
Two new order splitting scenarios have been introduced. According to availability: Current stock remains in the existing order, missing items are transferred to a new order. According to the source warehouse: The order is split into products from individual warehouses.

[Orders] Ability to display custom event buttons on the order page
This feature allows the seller to add personalized buttons on the order page, triggering predefined automatic actions. On the order page, these can include actions such as canceling an order, initiating a return, changing the delivery address, or generating a payment link. On the return page, example actions include accepting or rejecting a repair estimate and modifying the return address. This solution increases the flexibility of order handling and improves post-sales processes.

[Orders] New condition for Automatic Actions – reason for order cancellation on Allegro

[Orders] New condition for automatic action Product with weight
The function allows identifying products weighing between 0 and 1, enabling appropriate marking of orders containing such products. The goal is to prevent the generation of shipping labels with incorrect package weights, increasing the accuracy of the shipping process and reducing potential logistical issues.

[Orders] Logging price reduction of the order through automatic action in order history
The function allows tracking price changes, including identifying the employee responsible for modifying the order price.

[Returns] Ability to add a photo on the return card using a keyboard shortcut

[Returns] Ability to display custom event buttons on the return form

[Returns] Support for additional fields of type file from the return card in email template attachments
This allows sending important documents, such as the device service card, directly in return-related messages.

[Returns] When returning goods, we copy the pickup point data from the original order

Marketplace Manager

[Parameter Mapping] Extension of mapping to add conditions when mapping is to be applied
The function introduces an additional field that allows precise specification of parameter mapping conditions. This enables defining when a specific parameter should be mapped for a given warehouse in a specified marketplace.

[Marketplace] Splitting set of products in order

Integrations – Marketplace

[Allegro] Visible shipping time in operation logs
The function expands the logging scope for the “Change shipping time” operation on the Allegro platform. The new set shipping time value is now recorded in the operation logs (specifying exactly what shipping time was set on the Allegro auction). This enhancement increases the transparency of changes made to listings, allowing for more accurate tracking of shipping time modifications.

[Allegro] Added the ability to display offer verification status
This feature displays the verification status of new listings on the list in the form of an icon. In the offer details, there is also information about the reason for rejection if the verification was unsuccessful.

[Allegro] The “Refresh price lists” option now removes price lists that no longer exist on Allegro

[Altex] Modification of offer fetching from the marketplace: save SKU, number of available stock in the offer, date of creation of the offer and category assigned to the offer

[Amazon] Added the ability to save fees/commissions for Amazon orders

[Bol] Retrieving FBB orders

[CDON] Added the option to update prices and stock levels

[CDON] New integration available for everyone (beta)

[] Added offer price synchronization

[Decathlon FR] Ignoring fields with the prefix “AGEC”

[eBay] Added the ability to create listing variants with photo changing in variants
A feature has been introduced that allows the creation of variant galleries when listing offers on eBay. This means that when changing or selecting a product variant on the eBay platform, the image assigned to that variant is automatically updated. This functionality improves the presentation of products with variants, increasing the attractiveness of the offer and making it easier for customers to choose the desired variant based on visual representation.

[eBay] Added Original Retail Price and strikethrough price
A function has been added to set the Original Retail Price for offers on eBay. This allows the display of a crossed-out price next to the offer.

[eBay] Improved automatic synchronization of stock levels for eBay variants with the given SKU

[eBay] Improved sales tax calculation for UK market orders

[eBay] Fixed an issue when listing auctions on Allegro and in CZK, SK markets (no information about the need to set a multiplier)

[eBay] KType synchronization
The system automatically adds the KType parameter to the product, saving values separated by commas. Additionally, the modification of the KType parameter is allowed within bulk operations.

[eBay] Removed main product images from individual variant offers

[eBay] Sending shipment confirmation without providing tracking

[eMAG] Added the option for bulk status and title updates

[Etsy] Added the option to map the gift_sender field (from API) to an additional field in the order

[Flipkart] New integration (beta)

[General] Changed the order of delete buttons in the Manage Listings → Operations tab

[InpostFresh] Added a button to end the offer

[Kaufland] Added the ability to display API error messages to users

[Kaufland] Introduction of a three-day waiting period for offers in the ‘Queued’ status to verify the product on Kaufland’s side (applies only to offers listed with productization)

[Manomano] Improved synchronization of stock levels and prices

[Mercado Livre] Added dimensions field for the me1 form type
The function allows the addition of information about the product’s dimensions and weight, which enables the precise determination of package size.

[Mirakl] New marketplace: Atlas For Men

[Mirakl] New marketplace:

[Mirakl] New marketplace:

[Mirakl] New marketplace: Dr. Max

[Mirakl] New marketplace:

[Mirakl] New marketplace:

[Mirakl] New marketplace:

[Mirakl] New marketplace:

[Modivo] New sales channel:

[Octopia] Added fulfillment order support

[Otto] Added the option not to retrieve deleted order items

[Pigu] Added the ability to create products via API when listing offers

[TikTok] Added the ability to pass tracking numbers to the US market

[Walmart] Added order cancellation support

[Zalando] Added the option to map the second address line (from API) as an additional field in the order

[Zalando Fulfillment Solutions] Implementation of Zalando fulfillment

Integrations – Accounting

[Invoices] New advanced search filters in invoices

[Receipts] Receipt correction export sale
The function introduces the ability to export data related to receipt returns. This is a significant improvement in accounting, allowing for precise tracking and analysis of return transactions.

[Printouts] New tag in invoice printouts – receipt_external_number
This tag allows the inclusion of an external receipt number on the invoice, increasing flexibility in customizing printouts to meet specific business requirements.

Integrations – Couriers

[AllegroKurier] Added automatic refresh of shipping services when reconnecting a Marketplace account

[AllegroKurier] Added support for new shipping service Allegro ORLEN Paczka

[AllegroKurier] Added an option in automatic pickups to block the order if the minimum number of packages is not met

[AllegroKurier] Added transfer of collection amount with expected format to two decimal places

[AllegroKurier] Added recognition of shipping services that do not require transfer of IBAN number

[DB Schenker International] Added the ability to download the waybill via API

[DPD UK] Added missing tracking statuses, added support for tracking statuses for pickup points

[EasyPost] Improved recognition of the FedEx carrier

[Logistiko] New services (Allegro One Box DPD, Allegro One Punkt DPD)

[Parcel2Go] Added missing tracking statuses

[PocztaPolska] Adjusted shipment tracking to changes introduced by Poczta Polska

[Pickups] Improved the rendering option after displaying errors in the manual pickup ordering forms

[Postnord] New integration

[Rhenusfreight] Added support for fields (uNadawcy, uOdbiorcy, multiple reference numbers)

[RoyalMail] Added support for return services

[Shiprocket] Added option for automatic courier matching

[Zalando Shipping] New integration

[Returns] Added automatic selection of the return service from a dropdown list

Integrations – Online shops

[FastCentrik] New setting – price_field (field from which to fetch the price)

[PrestaShop] Importing fractional quantities of products in orders imported from the store

[Redcart] Product status support

[Shoper] Added the ability to update wholesale prices based on retail prices when they are zero

[Shoper] Added the ability to exclude products based on a list of availability status IDs

[Shopify] Exporting tags when exporting a product to the store

[Shopify] New setting – fetching variant metafields

[Shopify] New setting – skipping sending of phone numbers to the store when an error occurs (transmitting the order to the store)

[Upgates] Added the ability to export products and categories from BaseLinker to Upgates (via API)

[ePages] New integration

Integrations – Wholesalers

[Wholesalers] Added the possibility to filter wholesale integration by category on the home page

[Black Tools Polska] New BaseLinker Connect Integration

[Enzo Polska] New BaseLinker Connect Integrationct

[Motorro] New BaseLinker Connect Integration

[Yankee Caffee] New BaseLinker Connect Integration

[Zolta Trade] New BaseLinker Connect Integration

Knowledge Base

[New article] Integrations with wholesalers

[New article] Product tags

[New article] Quick access

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