BaseLinker Changelog – March & April 2023


BaseLinker is being extended with new modules, features and options every day. Below is a list of the modifications made in March and April. The most important updates are described in separate blog posts as they are implemented.

Product Manager and Order Manager:

[Automatic actions] Condition “eBay site”
[Integrations] Change product name in synchronization from shop
[Inventory] Displaying synchronization errors on products list
[Panel] Added phone field for suppliers
[Panel] Issuer name in Correction series
[Panel] Search orders in archive by tax number
[PickPack assistant] Option “after finished picking allow the product to be scanned and proceed to the corresponding order”
[Export] Added visibility of variants in the export preview
[Export] New modifier “Do not convert HTML tags to special characters” in export to XML or in printouts, allows you to leave the HTML code for the selected tag
[Export] Allowing to define more complex “Perform math” modifiers (several math operations)
[Import] Clears special ASCII characters (e.g. STX) in imported files
[Inventory] New automatic action – change product price
[Invoice series] Possibility of using tags in informations field for correcting invoices
[Printouts] Improved formatting of amounts with a space in printouts (hiding hard space characters)
[Order macros] New task in macros: adding new product (position) to order
[Orders] New condition in Automatic actions – invoice submitted to source
[Orders] [CZ] “IČO” extra field for CZ region
[Orders] [RO] “Nr. Reg. Com.” extra field for RO region

Marketplace Manager:

[Marketplace] Advanced filtering in offers management
[Marketplace] Rebuild and fix courier mapping

Integrations – marketplace:

[Allegro] Reprice fixes
[Allegro] Added language attribute to API
[Allegro] Added option to forward invoice always
[Allegro] Dynamic currency change in an order
[Allegro] – new integration
[Allegro] Blocking of some parameters when marked values are present
[Alza] Fix package number forwarded to Alza
[Alza] Remove wrong “no connection” message
[Amazon] Autoselling
[Amazon] Getting shipping and billing addresses fixes
[Amazon] Adding tax for US orders as option
[Amazon] Getting thumbs from API for PL market
[Amazon] Sending min and max price during creating a new offer
[Amazon] Replacing dot to dash on invoice number
[] New integration – marketplace
[] Improving the method of creating a link to an offer
[] Correction to DebugItem for when there is no offerId
[] Splitting the shipment amount from the order to the appropriate field
[eBay] eBay tax collected fixes
[eBay] Listing offers with variant fixes
[eBay] Not adding shipping cost for global shipping programme
[] Enabling adding offer from BaseLinker to marketplace
[eMAG] Variants support
[eMAG] Option to download a user name to the order
[eMAG] Fixes in vouchers support
[eMAG] Getting user_login as an option
[eMAG] Corrections to voucher downloading
[eMAG] Removing pickup point name from delivery address
[eMAG] Adding euro currency
[] Rounding price for shipping costs
[Erli] Fixes in updating offer description
[Erli] Allowance of using tags while updating offer description
[Erli] Marketplace offer URL fix
[Etsy] Option of renewing sold out offers on seller’s request
[Etsy] Better marking orders as cancelled
[Etsy] API migration V2 → V3
[] New integration – marketplace
[Google] Fix auction redirect to GMC
[Heureka] Handling delivery costs with decimal places
[Heureka] Remove wrong “no connection” message
[] Enabling integration in Vtex and first tests
[Inpost Fresh] Add modify price on offer list
[Inpost Fresh] Title limited to 150 characters
[Inpost Fresh] Fix issue with listing offer (add image to offer error)
[Inpost Fresh] Enabling service for gift cards in all accounts
[Inpost Fresh] Changing the way orders are downloaded (currently only for selected users)
[Joom] Download offer variant from marketplace
[Joom] Fix send orders to client shop
[Joom] Fix offer import from marketplace to BaseLinker
[Joom] Fix download orders, add VAT to product price and shipping price
[Kaufland] Processing new offers verification status fixes
[Kaufland] Parameters fixes
[Kaufland] Possibility to create offer without SKU code
[Kaufland] Implementation of downloading payment methods
[Wish] BETA status removed
[Worten] Downloading “vatid” to order
[] Fix handling offer images URL

Integrations – Accounting:

[ABRA] Automatic transfer of invoices
[ABRA] Option to pass order number as variable symbol
[Bling] Inventory synchronization of product’s state, prices and details with support of their different variants
[LexOffice] New accounting integration
[] Support for warehouse type
[Przelewy24] Adding an option to select description of transaction
[Przelewy24] Adding an option to allow additional payment for all sources
[Przelewy24] Adding an option to hide the payment link when the order is COD (order page options)
[SmartBill] Inventory synchronization of basic product’s data (support for name, SKU code and storage state)
[Superfaktura] Possibility of showing external invoices to clients
[Tiny] Synchronisation of stocks and prices
[Tiny] Inventory synchronization of product’s state, prices and details with support of their different variants
[iDoklad] Display of currency exchange rate on external invoice
[iFirma] Sending national correction invoices
[wFirma] Stock synchronisation BETA – contact us for testing
[Zoho Invoice] New integration

Integrations – couriers:

[Amazon Shipping] Integrating Amazon shipping service into the courier system
[Apaczka] Addition of new couriers (Hellmann and Rhenus Logistics)
[Asendia] Addition of additional services Mailbox i PUDO
[BLPaczka] Added new InPost service: weekend delivery
[BLPaczka] Allow to block max parcel weight
[BLPaczka] Added possibility to choose label format in integration settings
[Česká pošta] Enable tracking packages
[DHLExpress] Added ADR shipment options
[DPD Estonia] New integration
[DPD Latvia] New integration
[FanCourier] Added a field for entering the number of packages in Automatic Actions
[Furgonetka] Added new carriers: Pallex and Świat Przesyłek
[Furgonetka] Added automatic selection of express cash on delivery
[Innoship] Possibility to set label format
[KurJerzy] add customs clearance
[Olzalogistic] Addition of new carrier Cargus Pick-up Point
[Pactic] Addition of new service GLS Hungary Export Cross-border
[Pactic] Available services list update
[Paczkomaty] Adding the possibility of defining a return locker
[Paxy] Addition of new carrier Cargus
[Raben] Added a setting that determines the transfer of incoterm values
[Rhenus Freight] Integrating Rhenus Freight into the courier system
[Slovenská pošta] Integrating Slovenská pošta into the courier system
[Slovenská pošta] Supports multiple package collections, adding the ability to send parcels to parcel boxes or post offices. Allowing not to define parcel weight.
[Spring] Added a setting to transfer the full phone number
[UPS] Added additional Exchange service
[UPS] Added a setting that determines the transfer of the receiver’s region name
[UPS] Added support for International Special Commodities (ISC)
[Wysyłam z Allegro] Added automatic selection of “Pocztex” option in orders with this shipping method
[Wysyłam z Allegro] Added functionality to automatically select the Pocztex service
[Wysyłam z Allegro] Added filter to search for parcels to point / parcel machine
[Wysyłam z Allegro] Added ability to search for orders by Allegro shipment number “ALE…”
[Wysyłam z Allegro] Added option to automatically insure Paketa shipments

Integrations – online shops:

[BigCommerce] Spreading order discounts across all line items
[BigCommerce] Filling out state names in orders imported to BaseLinker
[Ecwid] Added calculation of discounts for orders downloaded from the store
[Ecwid] Fixed getting the delivery cost when downloading an order
[IAI] Updating shipping charges on secondary order sync to IdoSell
[IAI] Disabling synchronizations of orders by their marketplace source(s)
[IAI] Matching registered clients by VAT number
[IAI] Proper labeling of orders paid by trade credit upon synchronization to IdoSell
[IAI] Choosing either a traditional or an electronic invoice type for orders synchronized to the store
[Magento] Mapping Magento product attributes to extra fields in BaseLinker
[Magento] Fetching line item extension attributes into BL order attributes via the og_item_ea parameter
[Magento] Parameter root_cat – define root category for the product category tree, if different than top-level
[Magento] Parameter ship_complete – disable automatic change of order status to “complete” after syncing tracking numbers
[MerchantPro] Fixed fetching prices and stocks from the store.
[ShopGold] Fixed price updates for prices in levels 2 and above
[Shoper] Added advanced setting ‘toggle_active_variants’ (after changing the stock of a variant, turn on (> 0) or disable (<= 0) the activity of the variant in the shop)
[Shoptet XML] Downloading comments to orders
[ShoptetXML] Fixed category fetching
[ShoptetXML] Product location retrieval for multiple warehouses
[SkyShop] Synchronizing delivery point data for Orlen Paczka, DPD Pickup, One Box
[SoteShop] Retrieving delivery point data from Orlen Paczka
[Squarespace] Fixed the problem with updating the price and quantity of the product in the store
[Upgates] Retrieving product variant ids when downloading orders
[Upgates] Providing the EAN code of products when adding an order to the store
[Upgates] Image support for variants
[Upgates] Downloading of orders without assigned status has been blocked
[VirtueMart] EAN in orders imported from the store
[WooCommerce] EAN from product attributes – quick search and retrieval with help of BaseLinker plugin
[WooCommerce] Importing delivery point data for deliveries to PPL Parcelshop

Integrations – Wholesalers:

[Biaks 2.0] New integration
[Bielizna Centrum] New integration
[Decomat] New integration
[Fonex] New integration
[Gorteks] New integration
[KGK Trend] New integration
[Kormax] New integration
[Legend] New integration
[Lineatoscana] New integration
[Monumo] New integration
[Multioffice] New integration
[] New integration
[Snakebyte Group] New integration
[Stainless Europe] New integration
[Szperacze] New integration


[BaseLinker Connect] Link products in orders synchronization in BaseLinker Connect
[BaseLinker Connect] Orders status synchronization module
[BaseLinker Printer] Adding the option to fiscalize receipts

Knowledge Base:

[Article update] BaseLinker Printer – fiscal recipes
[New article] Wish – integration configuration
[New article] Joom – account setup
[New article] Printer integrations

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