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Our BaseLinker Printer application, which allows to print documents from the panel with a single click, is very popular among our system users. In order to meet received suggestions, we are putting into your hands the awaited option of printing fiscal receipts.

How does it work?

Printing receipts in BaseLiner Printer enables free and fast printing of receipts on fiscal printers in the BaseLinker panel, saving valuable time during parcel preparation. The application supports the two most commonly used transmission protocols for fiscal cash registers – POSNET and NOVITUS.

You can generate receipts individually from the order card, in bulk from the order list level or automatically (using automatic actions). Fiscalization will take place when a receipt is created in the system – BaseLinker automatically sends a fiscal receipt print command to the printer.

What should you know?

  • Before printing a receipt for the first time, you need to configure your fiscal printer connection in the BaseLinker Printer application settings. You can find detailed instructions in the BaseLinker Printer article in the Help section.
  • BaseLinker Printer is a desktop application. Installation instructions are available in the BaseLinker panel under IntegrationsPrintouts.
  • You can additionally print on the receipt information about the cashier, cash register name (maximum 8 characters), order number with barcode, Tax number and receipt number from the order.

The option to print fiscal receipts is now available for Windows and Unix applications (beta channel). We encourage you to test the new possibilities of the application!

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