New ERP Module in BaseLinker


Today, we introduce long-awaited enhancements to the BaseLinker system, bringing advanced ERP functionalities. This is another step that ensures you don’t have to invest in upkeeping two distinct systems; all tasks can now be performed within BaseLinker. The new features focus on the precise tracking of product units within the warehouse, based on purchase cost accounting methods for...

Optimizing for growth – The case of strategic shift with BaseLinker

Case study BaseLinker Handprinted

At a pivotal moment, Handprinted, a UK-based printmaking and dyeing business, found itself at a crossroads. A business was facing the all-too-common dilemma of e-commerce stagnation. Handprinted discovered a powerful ally in BaseLinker, a comprehensive e-commerce management platform. This case study explores how BaseLinker revolutionized Handprinted’s day-to-day activities, fostering growth...

Efficient Order Selection – A New Feature in the Pick&Pack Assistant


We know that many of you struggle with the efficient picking and packing of orders on a daily basis. Our Pick&Pack Assistant is a key feature that helps manage these warehouse needs. Therefore, we are delighted to introduce a new, enhanced order selection function in the BaseLinker system, which responds to the growing needs of our customers in terms of logistics process management. Make the...

BaseLinker Course for Advanced Users Now Available – Sign Up!

baselinker course for advanced users

Are you leveraging the maximum potential of the BaseLinker system in your e-commerce business? It’s time to discover the advanced capabilities your everyday tool offers. Now, you can immerse yourself in the complete course on our website and even earn an official certificate upon completion.  🎯 Sign up for “BaseLinker for Advanced Users” Course Today! 🎯 “BaseLinker...

Price automation on Amazon. Increase the chance of winning a Buy Box


The recently expanded Competition module has been gaining popularity among our users. Price automation (repricing) for Allegro and eMAG not only saves time but enables effective price strategy management, which is crucial in the rapidly changing world of e-commerce. Now, you can also do it on Amazon 🚀. How does repricing work on Amazon? Repricing allows sellers to increase or decrease prices and...

BaseLinker For Advanced Users: Watch Chapter 4 (Integrations) Now on YouTube

BaseLinker For Advanced Users: Watch Chapter 4 (Integrations)

We are thrilled to announce another new chapter of our BaseLinker Academy Advanced Course. As we continue to delve into the comprehensive functionalities of BaseLinker, this new chapter brings a focus on enhancing your account with a range of integrations, each designed to streamline your e-commerce operations further. 🚀 Watch 4 chapters of “BaseLinker for advanced users” course today! 🚀 In line...

BaseLinker Dark Theme – Introducing New Modes for Your Workspace

BaseLinker dark theme

You can now switch to the dark side… of the interface and enjoy the new, dark theme in the BaseLinker panel. This feature, a response to significant user demand, represents more than just an aesthetic preference; it’s a move towards a more ergonomic and energy-efficient workspace. BaseLinkers Dark Theme With the flick of a switch – or more accurately, a click in a drop-down menu – users can...

Custom Events – A New Dimension of Possibilities

custom events baselinker automation

We recently added a comprehensive update to BaseLinker’s Automatic Actions. In this post, we want to take a closer look at the Custom Event option and the new possibilities it offers when combined with the Wait For feature. It’s worth noting that this text is inspired by the exchange of ideas on our suggestion portal. Custom events are a well-known element of our system and an...

Mastering BaseLinker: Watch the first 3 chapters of the Advanced Course on YouTube

BaseLinker Academy Advanced course 3 chapters

Are you sure you’re leveraging every feature that the BaseLinker system offers? Let’s dive deeper into this everyday tool and discover the myriad of advanced possibilities it has in store for you. Introducing the first 3 chapters of the next level in the BaseLinker Academy. Stay tuned, as the following chapters will be released in the upcoming weeks. 🎯 Watch 3 chapters of...

RMA System – Handling Order Returns, Exchanges, and Repairs in BaseLinker


Handling returns has long been a frequent topic in your inquiries. After more than a year of work, we are proud to introduce an advanced return management system available to all at no extra cost. We are confident that, over time, it will become not only a standard part of your processes but an integral part of BaseLinker as well, just like the Order Manager. In this article, we would like to...

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