RMA System – Handling Order Returns, Exchanges, and Repairs in BaseLinker


Handling returns has long been a frequent topic in your inquiries. After more than a year of work, we are proud to introduce an advanced return management system available to all at no extra cost. We are confident that, over time, it will become not only a standard part of your processes but an integral part of BaseLinker as well, just like the Order Manager. In this article, we would like to...

New Features: Marking a Returning Customer, Action Delays, VIES, and New Automatic Actions


We are launching a bunch of new functionalities that many of you have been waiting for. All of them were created thanks to your suggestions on our forum – These were some of the most popular ideas voted for by hundreds of merchants, so we are confident that they will serve a wide range of users 🙂. All new features are based on our automatic actions system – to...

New feature: Automatic shipping time update for Allegro


At BaseLinker, we’re excited to unveil yet another enhancement for our Allegro integration based on your valuable feedback. This time, we introduce automatic shipping time (Prepare Time) and shipping date (Delivery Time) adjustments! In Allegro, there are two fields associated with shipping times: Prepare Time: This field specifies when the package will be dispatched, with Allegro’s...

Price automation (Repricing) for Allegro and eMAG


At BaseLinker, we’re thrilled to introduce our latest feature based on user suggestions. We have expanded the long-standing price-checking functionality for Allegro. Now, in your dashboard, you can activate the Competition module for Allegro and eMAG, enabling automatic price adjustments based on other sellers’ offers. Leveraging price automation, commonly referred to as repricing...

Avoid extra charges by managing shipment weights – BaseLinker x Royal Mail


Managing your shipment costs just got easier! A new feature within the Royal Mail’s integration in BaseLinker system gives a streamlined view of shipment weights, steering you clear of extra charges. Rather than charging for each individual shipment based on its exact weight, Royal Mail calculates the average weight of all shipments in a single manifest. This average weight then becomes the...

Mass product editing in the sheet (excel-like)


Upon receiving numerous user suggestions, we have rolled out a new feature for product editing. An ‘Editing products in the sheet’ functionality has been added to our current bulk operations. This allows you to conveniently tailor the spreadsheet’s look to your specific needs and make changes to selected data. Typically, products are edited in bulk by exporting them to a CSV...

Kevin Steward appointed as UK Country Head


We are pleased to announce the appointment of Kevin Steward as the new Country Head for the United Kingdom. With his extensive experience in the e-commerce industry, Mr. Steward will lead Baselinker’s strategic initiatives to expand its user base and solidify its position as the go-to solution for UK brands and sellers. Baselinker has witnessed remarkable success across various regions in...

AI functions in BaseLinker

AI functions in BaseLinker

We are pleased to announce an innovation in the BaseLinker panel – the first set of features based on artificial intelligence. The new solutions are a combination of our own AI models, based on the millions of offers and products in BaseLinker, with open source and commercial models. This is a next step in the automation of many repetitive and routine tasks allowing for significant time...

Purchase orders prediction in the BaseLinker inventory

Purchase order in BaseLinker

We have been working intensively on the development of the Inventory control section in BaseLinker Product Manager. Among other things, we have devoted the last few months to the important Purchase orders section. Automatic supplies’ deliveries and related sales forecasting functions are now available to BaseLinker users. Discover 3 paths to automate purchase orders: 1/ Product list in the...

Mass product operations in the BaseLinker catalogue

Product operations

Over the past few months, we have been working on implementing bulk operations on products in the BaseLinker catalogue. This is a significant change that allows for quick data updates in the BaseLinker panel. This feature was highly requested by many users as it can replace other methods of editing products, such as with a file, API or manual editing of the assortment. Mass product operations are...

Accelerations – speed up synchronizations in your BaseLinker account

BaseLinker accelerations

With the start of the last quarter of the year – intensive for e-commerce – we have released a new module – Accelerations. It allows you to manage synchronizations according to your needs. This is a practical solution for days when more sales are expected and you need more frequent stock synchronization. Where can you find the new module? In the BaseLinker panel in the...