Mass product operations in the BaseLinker catalogue


Over the past few months, we have been working on implementing bulk operations on products in the BaseLinker catalogue. This is a significant change that allows for quick data updates in the BaseLinker panel. This feature was highly requested by many users as it can replace other methods of editing products, such as with a file, API or manual editing of the assortment.

Mass product operations are now available in the BaseLinker panel in the section: Products → Product list → Operations → Products operations (wizard).

Mass product operations in BaseLinker

What mass product operations have we implemented?

  • Set star (special mark for selected products)
  • Set category
  • Set manufacturer
  • Change stock
  • Change price
  • Set tax
  • Change text field
  • Update parameter
  • Translate (only visible on accounts with DeepL integration)
Bulk product operations - BaseLinker

We have also introduced the possibility to specify the date on which the operation should be performed.

Why mass product operations make the seller’s work more efficient?

You gain the ability to quickly make changes to multiple products at the same time.
All changes are made directly in the BaseLinker catalogue – there is no need to export data to a file, edit it and re-import it into the inventory.
You can make mass changes directly in the BaseLinker catalogue as a stock source, and then update listings based on these products.

Advice: Make mass changes to product stocks or prices and then sync them automatically with the marketplace. Here, it is also possible to make price changes by a given %, which will allow you to easily update the prices in the catalogue and then forward them to the marketplace offers through the price synchronization module.

We plan to develop the product operations module according to user needs. Feel welcome to share suggestions which further mass catalogue updates would be useful in your companies.

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