Zendesk – BaseLinker integration now available

Zendesk BaseLinker

Our integrations’ list has been updated with a new Zendesk module. It is a popular CRM system for complex customer service management used by over 160,000 companies. The integration developed by our team displays customer orders from BaseLinker directly in the Zendesk panel within an additional information block. The association is determined by the email address. This allows you to have a...

Faster management of email correspondence thanks to Freshdesk – BaseLinker integration

Freshdesk BaseLinker

We always try to make sure that our list of integrations meets the needs of users as well as e-commerce trends. That’s why Freshdesk has been included in our integrations, as it had kept appearing more and more frequently in BaseLinker user suggestions. Freshdesk is an email ticketing system which allows consultants to efficiently manage their correspondence with customers. It allows you e.g. to...