New Features: Marking a Returning Customer, Action Delays, VIES, and New Automatic Actions


We are launching a bunch of new functionalities that many of you have been waiting for. All of them were created thanks to your suggestions on our forum – idea.baselinker.com. These were some of the most popular ideas voted for by hundreds of merchants, so we are confident that they will serve a wide range of users 🙂. All new features are based on our automatic actions system – to...

Avoid extra charges by managing shipment weights – BaseLinker x Royal Mail


Managing your shipment costs just got easier! A new feature within the Royal Mail’s integration in BaseLinker system gives a streamlined view of shipment weights, steering you clear of extra charges. Rather than charging for each individual shipment based on its exact weight, Royal Mail calculates the average weight of all shipments in a single manifest. This average weight then becomes the...

Integration with Wish – join 250,000 sellers


Starting from today, in your BaseLinker panel, you can connect a new integration with the well-known marketplace platform, Wish. Over 90% of user activity takes place in the mobile application, and entrepreneurs sell over 800,000 items daily. One of the advantages of Wish is its algorithm that actively matches products to customers, which increases both the engagement rate and the time spent...

Accelerations – speed up synchronizations in your BaseLinker account

BaseLinker accelerations

With the start of the last quarter of the year – intensive for e-commerce – we have released a new module – Accelerations. It allows you to manage synchronizations according to your needs. This is a practical solution for days when more sales are expected and you need more frequent stock synchronization. Where can you find the new module? In the BaseLinker panel in the...

BaseLinker Connect – transfer data between BaseLinker accounts

BaseLinker Connect integration

We are pleased to announce an important new addition to our list of integrations – we have developed an integration between BaseLinker and… BaseLinker. The main goal of BaseLinker Connect is to facilitate cooperation between different BaseLinker users. Our aim is to support and automate not only the activities of a single seller, but also the entire e-commerce ecosystem. The integration...

Zendesk – BaseLinker integration now available

BaseLinker and Zendesk integration

Our integrations’ list has been updated with a new Zendesk module. It is a popular CRM system for complex customer service management used by over 160,000 companies. The integration developed by our team displays customer orders from BaseLinker directly in the Zendesk panel within an additional information block. The association is determined by the email address. This allows you to have a...

Faster management of email correspondence thanks to Freshdesk – BaseLinker integration

BaseLinker and Freshdesk integration

We always try to make sure that our list of integrations meets the needs of users as well as e-commerce trends. That’s why Freshdesk has been included in our integrations, as it had kept appearing more and more frequently in BaseLinker user suggestions. Freshdesk is an email ticketing system which allows consultants to efficiently manage their correspondence with customers. It allows you e.g. to...