New feature: Automatic shipping time update for Allegro


At BaseLinker, we’re excited to unveil yet another enhancement for our Allegro integration based on your valuable feedback. This time, we introduce automatic shipping time (Prepare Time) and shipping date (Delivery Time) adjustments! In Allegro, there are two fields associated with shipping times: Prepare Time: This field specifies when the package will be dispatched, with Allegro’s...

Avoid extra charges by managing shipment weights – BaseLinker x Royal Mail


Managing your shipment costs just got easier! A new feature within the Royal Mail’s integration in BaseLinker system gives a streamlined view of shipment weights, steering you clear of extra charges. Rather than charging for each individual shipment based on its exact weight, Royal Mail calculates the average weight of all shipments in a single manifest. This average weight then becomes the...

Yodel – a new shipping integration for the UK market

BaseLinker and Yodel integration

An integration with the British company Yodel has joined the ranks of shipping integrations in the BaseLinker panel. It is one of the largest courier service companies in the UK. The integration was created to make it easier to manage the order shipping process for BaseLinker’s customers who conduct their business in the British Isles. Among other things, it allows Yodel shipments to be...

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