Zendesk – BaseLinker integration now available


Our integrations’ list has been updated with a new Zendesk module. It is a popular CRM system for complex customer service management used by over 160,000 companies.

The integration developed by our team displays customer orders from BaseLinker directly in the Zendesk panel within an additional information block. The association is determined by the email address. This allows you to have a parallel view of the customer’s orders when responding to customers without having to switch between systems and search for the relevant order.

What are the possibilities for the add-on?

  • The add-on we have prepared presents the order number, date and its status, which improves your customer service.
  • If necessary, you can conveniently navigate from the add-on to the actual order card in BaseLinker.
  • The add-on also allows you to create a new order for a given customer straight from the Zendesk panel without actually switching to the BaseLinker panel.

The add-on is free to use. There is no limit to the number of users or messages processed.

Instructions for connecting the integration are available in the BaseLinker panel in the IntegrationsZendesk section. See our article for helpful tips: Zendesk.

Feel invited to check out the new integration 🙂

Zendesk panel

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