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This article describes the features of the new inventory module.

Attention – the ‘Inventory control’ section is still in the testing stage (beta).


Managing your product database is made easy with storage additional fields. You are not limited to existing solutions, you can design your own 🙂


If you want to save additional information next to the product, e.g. additional product description, expiration date, additional code or warranty card – you can do it using individual fields defined in Products → Settings → Additional fields.


Warehouse Additional Fields is a mechanism similar to the additional fields known from the Order Manager – however, in the Product Manager it has been extended with additional functionality.


Additional fields are divided into long and short fields, while short fields have several more types. You can create an infinite number of such fields 🙂



Long field

Long fields are visible on the product card in the ‘Descriptions’ section. These fields can contain a product description in another language, or a description dedicated to a specific marketplace.


Short field

To add a short field go to Products → Settings → Additional fields and select ‘Short field’ as the field type




Short fields have several types:

  • textbox,
  • number,
  • list,
  • select,
  • option button,
  • date,
  • file.



The short fields are visible on the product card in the ‘Product’ section.



Short additional fields will allow you to customize the Inventory to meet the requirements of your specific e-commerce business.


This is where you can record information such as:

  • product groups,
  • ASIN type codes
  • batch expiration date,
  • number of packages for products and bundles (additional field – number),
  • instructions, warranty cards



BaseLinker allows you to search for products based on the values stored in the short fields 🙂


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