Bulk transfer of offers

BaseLinker allows bulk transfer of offers from one marketplace platform to another (or from one account to another). This way you can skip the tedious process of ‘copying’ each offer separately and easily extend the list of distribution channels 🙂


To do this, simply import offers with the function of creating products in BaseLinker’s warehouse from one platform (e.g. Allegro), and then list the products created in this way on another marketplace (e.g. eBay).


A template created by our team “Allegro description” allows you to list on eBay and Arena offers visually equivalent to offers listed on Allegro 🙂


To migrate offers from one platform (e.g. Allegro) to another (eBay), follow these steps:


  1. Import offers (e.g. Allegro) in Allegro → Offer management → Offer import department by selecting the following options:
      – Create products in the warehouse: Yes – create products in the warehouse. I do not have an external store with these products
      – Filtering of offers’ descriptions (cutting the description from the template): Download the full offer description (only when transferring Allegro offers to eBay and Arena platforms).
  2. Configure the marketplace  module (e.g. eBay) to be able to list offers in bulk with just a few clicks 🙂
  3. List offers based on previously created products under eBay →Listing (when transferring Allegro offers to eBay and Arena platforms use the ” Description in Allegro format” template)




In a similar way you can transfer offers between different accounts of the same marketplace.


Furthermore, in case of integration with Allegro, Sell on next account option is available.


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