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Connecting an online store

The store integration enables:

  • Listing offers  from the store’s warehouse to Allegro and other marketplace platforms (the store serves as an external warehouse, which is not in any way connected to the BaseLinker warehouse, products from the store’s warehouse are available in the Allegro / other marketplace modules → Listing),
  • Importing orders from the online store to the BaseLinker Order Manager (so you can process all orders in one place),
  • Forwarding orders from Allegro/other two-way marketplace integrations into an online store,
  • Synchronization of stock and prices between the store and different marketplace platforms,
  • Update offers according to the product details in the store.

You can connect an unlimited number of online stores to the system.

Integration is very easy (takes only a few minutes) and does not require making any changes in the store nor advanced computer skills. 🙂


Depending on the store type, it is integrated by:


You can find detailed instructions in the Sales Panel in section Integrations → Add new integration → section Shops, after selecting your store platform.


You can also connect a multi-store shop (for such stores, multiple stores are supported in one admin panel) or a multi-language store.


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