eBay sales limits

In order to verify sellers, eBay applies sales limits to new accounts for listed products. However, there is a solution so that the limits on your account can be increased.


How to increase sales limits?

What should you do to increase the limits? Use the e-mail template and fill in the indicated fields with your company’s data. Attach the required documents to the message:


  • Copy of Chamber of Commerce
  • Copy of ID, valid passport or driving license
  • Copy of most recent annual report 
  • In some cases, eBay may also ask you to send purchase invoices for the goods you want to sell on eBay.

Send such a prepared message to: onboardingECM@ebay.com. 


It will take up to 24 hours to verify the documents on eBay’s side, and after positive verification, the limits on your account will be increased.


Limits can be increased again every 30 days. To do this, send an email to the address indicated above, requesting an increase in limits. Attaching documents in this case is no longer necessary. You need to have a business account on eBay for your application to be successfully verified. The application for a private account will be rejected.


If you still need help, please contact our support team.


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