ERP systems integrations

BaseLinker offers comprehensive order fulfillment from various sales channels. If you need more complex solution for accounting and warehouse management, you can integrate BaseLinker with ERP system.


ERP integrations

The ERP (enterprise resource planning) system is an IT system that supports enterprise management. Such systems allow to manage all company processes in one place. Such system allows you to keep accounting and warehouse documentation, records of contractors or CRM database of customers.


BaseLinker can be integrated with (among others) the following ERP systems:

You can find all available integrations in Integrations → Add integration → ERP section.


BaseLinker’s integrations with ERP programs are provided by third-party companies. In most cases, you can choose from several suppliers offering integration with the system. Please note that BaseLinker does not create this type of own integrators.


Such integrators are usually a small desktop application, installed on a local computer (as opposed to BaseLinker, which is an online, cloud-based application). Such application connects to BaseLinker API and the local ERP database for information exchange.


The are certain types of integration:

  • Orders – the module allows to transfer all orders from BaseLinker to the ERP system.
  • Stocks – the module enables automatic synchronization of stocks between the BaseLinker warehouse and the warehouse of the selected ERP system.
  • Warehouse (import) – the module enables automatic downloading of products from a selected ERP warehouse to the BaseLinker warehouse.
  • Warehouse (export) – the module enables automatic export of products from BaseLinker’s warehouse to a selected warehouse of the ERP system.


More information about individual integrations is available in Integrations → ERP section, in the description of a given type of integration. Support and maintenance of each module is provided by an third-party company.


If you have any questions or problems related to the selected module, please contact the supplier of the respective integration.



The integration scheme

We recommend the following integration scheme:

  • For retailers without an online store: ERP System → BaseLinker → Marketplace
  • For retailers with an online store: ERP System → Online store → BaseLinker → Marketplace

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