Integrations – overview

BaseLinker is a web application that can be easily integrated with a number of the most popular marketplace platforms or online store platforms.


With BaseLinker you can also integrate carrier and accounting systems, printers, and many other applications. In addition, BaseLinker provides its own API for integration with ERP systems.


With the BaseLinker system you can integrate:


  • over 20 most popular marketplace platforms (including Allegro, eBay, Amazon, Ceneo and many more),
  • over 30 online store platforms (including Shoper, Shoplo, Magento, PrestaShop and many more),
  • over 50 carriers, brokers and logistics operators offering shipments in Poland and around the world,
  • Top 5 most popular accounting programs,
  • printers for printing in the cloud,
  • applications for sending SMS messages to clients,
  • an application for printing receipts,
  • other applications supporting the work of the seller – Thunderbird, Slack, BaseLinker Caller


Integration Module

Integrations tab contains a a table with all the integrations active for a given BaseLinker account.




The Integration Settings table contains all the integrations active for a given BaseLinker account. Each integration is described by the key:

  • Type. Each type of integration is marked with a different color and icon. The system can distinguish between integrations with marketplace platforms, online store, warehouse platforms, carrier accounts, accounting systems and additional plug-ins.
  • Name. You can connect multiple accounts of a given platform to the BaseLinker system, therefore each account has a separate name. This way the seller can easily manage, for example, several Allegro accounts.
  • Downloaded data
  • Sent data
  • Settings – here you can manage the settings of the account.
  • Disconnect account. The button allows you to remove integration with the given account. Before disconnecting the account, the system generates an additional message “Are you sure you want to disconnect the account?”. After removing the integration, you can reconnect the account, but you will have to configure it again from the beginning.


If the system requires reconnection of the account(eg due to the expiration of the API token), do not delete the existing connection, but reconnect the account by selecting the green “+ Add integration” button. Otherwise, you will have to complete the account configuration again.


Adding new integration

To add a new integration, select the green “+ Add integration” button. The integrations available in the BaseLinker system are grouped into the following categories: marketplace, online stores, couriers, accounting, printouts, others, ERP.


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