This article describes the features of the new inventory module.

Attention – the ‘Inventory control’ section is still in the testing stage (beta).


BaseLinker allows you to keep product information in different languages. This option simplifies the process of listing the same products in different markets.


Languages assigned to the inventory

In Products → Settings → Inventories → Edit → Available languages you can assign one – or more – languages to the inventory.


Product card

Adding another language results with the appearance of additional fields on the product card (and also on the variant card) in the ‘Descriptions’ and ‘Parameters’ sections, which allow you to enter the name, descriptions and parameters in the selected language.



The language version can be selected from the product list.



When listing on a marketplace, BaseLinker will automatically match the appropriate language to the marketplace. For example, when listing a product on, the German description and German product name will be retrieved.


Default language

In Products → Settings → Inventories → Edit → Available languages you can select the default language.



The default language matters when descriptive data is not completed in all selected languages. For example:

  • three languages are assigned to the inventory- Polish, English and German,
  • Polish language is set as default,
  • Only Polish and English descriptions have been created for the product – there is no description in German.

In this case, when listing a product on ( a German language marketplace), BaseLinker will retrieve data from the default (i.e. Polish) version.

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