Linking offers to warehouse products

Every offer should be linked to a product from the warehouse. This may be the warehouse of a connected online store, a wholesaler warehouse or BaseLinker warehouse.


Lack of this association blocks the use of the following features:

  • synchronization
    • stock – the purchase on offer will reduce the stock,
    • quantity at auction/offer – a change in the stock will change the quantity at the auction/offer.
    • prices of offers – a price change in the warehouse will change the price at the auction/offer.
  • updating product data in the offer – e.g. updating photos, product description, etc. according to product data in the warehouse.
  • in case of some shops – correct addition of the order to the shop – orders placed at a given auction/offer include ID, EAN, SKU, VAT and product weight – these data are taken from the warehouse linked to a given auction/offer.


Creating links

When you place offers in the BaseLinker panel, links are created automatically.


On the other hand, offers listed outside the BaseLinker system (e.g. directly through the Allegro page) should be imported in the Allegro / eBay / other marketplace → Offer management → Offer import, and then linked to products from the selected warehouse.


For details, see the articleImporting offers and products.


At any time you can change existing links and e.g. link a selected auction to another product from the same warehouse or to a product from another warehouse.


Manual link creation

To link auctions/offers, go to Allegro/eBay/other marketplace → Offer management, choose offers and select Operations → Link to products from the warehouse.



Then select the magazine that you wish to link to the offers and click Execute.



On the Product linking screen, enter the ID of the related product for each offer. If the offer involves a variant of a product from the warehouse, provide the ID of the main product and additionally the variant ID number.



Additional options

In addition, you can use the following options:


  • Enable product hints

    – a search engine will appear at each offer. This allows you to enter the name of the product to which you want to link the auction/offer.




  • Match automatically

    – the system will automatically match the ID of the main product based on the EAN, SKU or name (in this case the EAN, SKU or name must be unique).



  • Load linkings from file

    – If the product includes variants, it is most convenient to load links from the CSV. file. A CSV file with lines in the following format is required: “Offer number;Product ID;Variant ID”. The data should be separated by semicolons and should not contain additional characters (such as quotation marks or commas) that are not included in the product/variant ID. If you are creating product links without variants, leave empty values in the “Variant ID” column (in this case the file must still have 3 columns).


Automatic linking creation

BaseLinker can automatically link auctions and offers to products in the warehouse in the following situations:


When importing offers with the option to create new products in BaseLinker’s warehouse


If you do not have an online store, you can use the option to create products in BaseLinker’s warehouse when importing ongoing offers into BaseLinker. You will then be able to manage your products from BaseLinker. The BaseLinker warehouse will be the central point for managing your products.


In this case, in the Create products in the warehouse field, select Yes – create products in the warehouse. I do not have an external store with these products. Then imported offers will be automatically linked to products created afterwards.


If you import auctions with the option to create new products in BaseLinker’s warehouse and these offers are already in Offer management and are linked to the selected warehouse (e.g. online store warehouse), then such import will not remove existing links. As a result, new products will be created in the BaseLinker warehouse, while existing auctions will remain linked to products from the shop’s warehouse..


When importing offers with automatic linking option enabled


For some marketplace modules (Ceneo, Arena, eMAG) it is possible to create links at import automatically.





Invalid connection

Using Offer management → Advanced search → Warning you can find, for example, offers unlinked to products from the warehouse and offers linked to non-existent products from the warehouse.


Offer not linked to a product from the warehouse



If an offer is not linked to any product, the system indicates a link to a product with ID number 0, and in addition, such an auction is marked with disconnected magnets icon in the Information column.




The assigned product does not exist in the warehouse

The offer will remain linked to a non-existent product in case:

  • the product was removed from the warehouse after creating the link.
  • the warehouse containing the product to which the offer is linked was removed (disconnected from BaseLinker),
  • The product in the warehouse changed the ID.


If, for a given marketplace account, the quantity or price update plugin has been enabled and this synchronization has not been deactivated for a given offer, the machine updates the auction/offer at specified intervals and thus checks the validity of the link.


If the update plugin does not find in the warehouse the product to which your auction is linked, it will mark this auction with an invalid link icon “product does not exist in the warehouse” in the Information column.



If the quantity and price update plugin is disabled, the lack of the link will be revealed e.g. when updating the description according to product data (Operations → Update offers(configurator)).

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