Purchase orders

This article describes the features of the new inventory module. You can activate it from the product list or by contacting support.

Attention – the new inventory is still in the testing stage (beta).


BaseLinker includes a number of options to support the storage control process.


In the Products → Inventory control → Purchase orders section, you will find functions allowing you to supervise the entire purchasing process.



Here you prepare a new order, which you can then send to the supplier, e.g. as a file – thus ordering a specific delivery.


Once you have received your delivery, the system will help you verify the completeness of your shipment.


In the end, the stock will be increased accordingly and a goods received document can be issued.


How do I add a new order?

To add a new order, select the green ‘Create purchase order’ button and then complete the details on the individual tabs:


  • purchase order,
  • items,
  • landed cost,
  • notes.
Purchase order

In the first tab, enter the basic data for the order in question (including, among others Inventory, warehouse and supplier).




In the second tab, enter product-specific information such as product name, code, quantity, price, total price. To delete a particular product, click the bin icon. By scanning the EAN numbers of products you can automatically add them to the list 🙂


Landed cost

Here you can add additional costs related to your order (e.g. shipping costs). Additional costs will be allocated proportionally to all products.


Here you can add notes to help you handle the order (these will not be shown on the printouts or sent to the supplier).


Price and cost

For detailed information, see the article Purchase price.

Purchase orders list

Purchase orders are shown in the purchase orders list.


Purchase order status

The following statuses may be visible in the ‘status’ column:


  • draft – the order is being edited
  • sent to supplier – the order has been sent to the supplier – waiting for the delivery of ordered products from the supplier (the order cannot be edited)
  • received (verification) – the order has been received and is being verified – verification of the products delivered by the supplier is in progress (checking the number of products ordered with the quantity delivered by the supplier)
  • completed – order received in stock – all products have been delivered in the quantities ordered (the stock has been increased by the quantities ordered)
  • completed (incomplete) – order received in stock (incomplete) – not all products have been delivered by the supplier in the ordered quantity (stocks have been increased by the quantities delivered).




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