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This article describes the features of the new inventory module. You can activate it from the product list or by contacting support.

Attention – the new inventory is still in the testing stage (beta).


BaseLinker allows you to store three types of information associated with the purchase price next to the product:


  • Cost (current) – this is the price that was introduced in the last delivery from the supplier and will also be used by default when creating a new purchase order (it can be edited during the purchase order issue)
  • Cost (average) – this is the average purchase price for all the items held in stock. Updated automatically each time a new delivery arrives.
  • Additional cost (average) –  as well as the average cost, automatically calculated from previous deliveries, the average additional cost per product (e.g. part of the shipping cost)

The currency at these prices is consistent with the main currency of the inventory. The purchase prices specified in the purchase orders are always converted to the main currency.


This information is shown on the product card, under Sales and storage.



Cost (average)

The average purchase price of the product from the supplier is calculated based on past deliveries.


On 1.05 you have 10 police helicopters in stock, for each of which you have paid the supplier PLN 20. On the following days, you have sold half of them – i.e. 5 helicopters. Thus, you still have 5 helicopters in stock – the value of these products is 100 PLN.


On 12.05 you bought another 30 helicopters, this time you paid the supplier 30 PLN for each one (oh the inflation 🙂 ). The average purchase price of a helicopter at that moment is 28,57 PLN.

Additional cost (average)

The average additional cost of purchasing the product is calculated based on past deliveries.


Additional cost may be e.g. shipping cost, taxes, insurance, cost of packaging, preparation of documentation, loading and unloading etc. Additional cost is only illustrative. It is not transferred to storage documents, as they operate only on average cost.

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