You can generate a receipt for each order in BaseLinker panel:

  • from the order card level
  • from the order list (in bulk)
  • using automatic actions

This mechanism is identical to issuing an invoice


For a fiscal receipt a fiscalisation is required – you must print the receipt on a fiscal printer. To do this, in Integrations → Add a new section Other activate the Receipts – fiscal printer module.


Additional information about the module can be found in the article Receipts – fiscal printer.




Default settings for sales documents (including receipts) can be configured in Orders → Invoices → Settings. 


Non-fiscal receipt

If you are not required to register your sales at the cash register and you want to send your customers e-mails or print receipts (‘non-fiscal receipt’) on a regular printer, create a separate numbering series by selecting the ‘invoice/bill’, option as the type, and entering ‘Non-fiscal receipt’ as the name.


For details, see Invoices – configuration.



Additional information on the receipt

In section Orders → Invoices → Settings → Edit (selected numbering series) → Information you can place additional information visible on the receipt. You can also use [client_comments] and [seller_comments] tags here to add selected comments to your receipt.


VAT Registration Number on the receipt

If you want each non-fiscal receipt to display the VAT Registration Number number, create an automatic action:





In order to show VAT Registration Number on the fiscal receipt, please contact the module supplier Receipts – fiscal printer


Receipts export

In the Orders → Invoices → Sales register you can generate Sales report.


Other documents

  • Invoice to receipt – In the Orders → Printouts and exports there is a possibility to subscribe to the “invoice to receipt” printout.
  • Receipt return – From BaseLinker’s level, unfortunately, there is currently no functionality that issues a return to the receipt. The return should be made directly at the cash register.
  • Receipt correction – BaseLinker does not support receipt corrections, and cancellation of a receipt is equivalent to deleting a document. The receipt can be deleted from the order card as well as from the Orders → Invoices → Receipts.



The receipt is issued for the entire order. If you want to issue a receipt for a part of the order (e.g. only for one product), the order must be separated in advance.


This can be done from the order list Actions → Divide order.

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