Sales record

Section Orders → Invoices → Sales record allows you to generate invoices and receipts reports.


This list may be useful:

  • To pass the documents to the accounting department. You can create an export to formats that are most often used by accountants (HTML, XLS, XML etc.). Please note that The XML Export(Comarch Optima) is compatible only with the accounting module (not with the trading module).
  • For statistical purposes – in the report generated in the Orders → Sales record only issued invoices (or receipts) are taken into account.


The monthly sales summary can be found in the Orders → Statistics. For more information, please see the article Statistics..


Moreover, in the Orders → Order list the seller can filter the orders from a given period, mark them and generate a printout (e.g. “Sales report” or another, personalised printout template).



Sales record – invoices

You can generate a report for selected invoices in the Orders → Invoices → Sales record.


Filters such as e.g. issue date / sales date, range, numbering series etc. are available.




The register can also be generated for single or selected invoices from the invoice table in the Orders → Invoices .




The register cannot be modified.  If you need additional information (e.g. shipping costs, shipping method, order ID, telephone number, buyer’s e-mail, etc.) you can create your own export in the section Orders -> Printouts and Exports.  



Selective invoice downloading

If you simply want to download all invoices to your desktop, then select the desired documents in the Invoices section, and then click Print selected. Then a generated PDF file with all selected invoices will open. From this point you can print such file.



Sales record- receipts

The report allows to verify the value of sold goods and shipping costs.  Filters such as range, numbering series, etc. are available.


If the Receipts – fiscal printer module is enabled, only printed receipts are included in the register.

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