• Orders → Statistics allows you to view interesting statistics of your sales. All orders that are in your BaseLinker account can be analyzed, including those from the archive.
  • When creating the charts, you can choose time frame, order sources and order statuses.
  • The following types of data are analyzed in the statistics: quantity and value of orders, sources of orders, types of shipping and payment, customers, products, employees.
  • Every chart can be exported to the csv format.

Access to statistics can be granted or blocked for employee accounts in Account → Employee profiles.



Quantity and value of orders

A basic chart with the number of orders placed in a given time, as well as a summary of order values.

Order sources

Graphs describing the number and value of orders by source (online shops, allegro accounts, eBay, Amazon, etc.).

Types of shipping and payment

Analysis of the most frequently chosen forms of delivery, payment and shipping prices.



Percentage of returning customers, countries of delivery, most frequently buying customers.



Most frequently sold items and their price ranges.




The number of changes in a given status of orders by a given employee within a certain time range.

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