Integration with Thunderbird is established on plugin installed directly in Thunderbird.


To enable the module, go to Integrations → Add integration → Other → Thunderbird and select the green button “Activate integration and download the Thunderbird plug-in”. (you can find specific instruction inside the panel).


The integration enables quick redirection from Thunderbird messages to a BaseLinker order.


  • Plugin searches for orders in BaseLinker, linked to the sender’s e-mail address in Thunderbird.
  • The message content page is displayed in additional side panel, which displays the orders of a given client (see screen) together with links to orders.
  • Clicking the order number takes you directly to the order card in the BaseLinker Panel.

Thanks to the plug-in, you can quickly check e.g. the status of your order, without having to search for a customer in the panel manually. The plug-in communicates with the BaseLinker API to quickly retrieve order information for a given e-mail address.


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