Warehouse overview

BaseLinker’s warehouse is a simple tool, which could be used above all as a database of products to be listed on marketplaces and to keep the inventory.


It is not possible to keep detailed records of goods, entries, dispatches, returns, etc.  This part of the system will be rebuilt in the future.


Currently the BaseLinker warehouse is designed for retailers who do not have an external warehouse. If you do have an online store, we recommend using warehouse from the store.


Adding products

You can add products to BaseLinker’s warehouse in several ways:

  • Manually
  • By creating new products in BaseLinker’s warehouse based on imported offers
  • By importing products from a file

For more information, see the article Products import.


Remember to make regular backups of your warehouse.


Incorrectly configured imports can cause irreversible data loss (e.g. deleting product descriptions or overwriting them with a different value). Furthermore, deleting a given product category will delete all products assigned to it.


You can make a backup copy by downloading the file with the full database in BaseLinker Catalog » Export section (we recommend default export to XML format). This export does not include product images.


You can find products from BaseLinker warehouse in Allegro / eBay / other marketplace → Listing.  For more information, please refer to the article Listing auctions and offers.


Before you start, remember to configure your system to simplify listing to a few clicks. Detailed information on the configuration of individual modules can be found in the article BaseLinker configuration.


BaseLinker can synchronize stock and prices in listings according to the stock in BaseLinker’s warehouse and reduce the stock after purchase as well.


For detailed information about synchronization, please see the article Stock and price synchronization 



BaseLinker’s warehouse has no currency. This means that if there is a product with a price of e.g. 100, then when listing on Allegro the price of the products will be 100 PLN, on eBay.de it will be 100 euro and on eBay.co.uk it will be 100 pounds.


In the settings of a given account Integrations Allegro / eBay / other marketplace → Offer settings you can set a price multiplier that affects the price in the listing form.


For details, see Offer settings.


Vat, EAN, SKU and weight

EAN / SKU / VAT / weight in orders are the same as those saved with auction.


If you change the EAN / SKU / VAT or the weight of the product in the warehouse, remember to link the auction to this product again. Otherwise the data will not update in new orders.


The link between the offer and the product in warehouse is based on the product ID. We recommend that each product should also have a separate SKU and EAN.


The same SKU number assigned to several products may cause the following errors:

  • incorrectly counting the sum of products in the order
  • a problem with transferring the order to the ERP system
  • a problem with transferring the order to the online accounting system


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