Bunnings integration allows you to quickly download orders to BaseLinker. They are managed in the Order Manager, an advanced and powerful tool to handle sales from multiple sources. There is no limit to the number of connected Bunnings accounts - you can integrate as many as you need in business, without affecting your subscription fee.

Integrating BaseLinker with Bunnings provides a number of options:

  • order organization according to any status
  • sending customer notifications about the order progress
  • issuing invoices and receipts
  • sending shipments with selected carriers

Perform these operations in a single order card or an order list. They may also occur without the seller's involvement using the innovative Automatic Actions module.

BaseLinker provides you with the tools to efficiently issue and handle invoices and, for some of the accounting integrations, also receipts. Generate documents with ease for multi-channel orders and forward them to Eccosys. Issue invoices for single orders or in bulk for the entire list. The system may do this task for you - just set up an appropriate automatic actions so accounting documents can be generated automatically. If you sell across foreign countries markets, BaseLinker will help you issue invoices in different languages, with different numbering series and VAT rates.

Integration with Eccosys allows you to:

  • forwarding invoices created in the BaseLinker to Eccosys and generating appropriate invoices specific to the accounting system
  • export invoices to Eccosys in the most convenient way for you: either automatically when you create a document or in bulk with manual export
  • downloading invoices from Eccosys to send them to customers in automatic emails
  • forwarding invoices from Eccosys to selected marketplace (e.g. Amazon)
  • fast printing of accounting documents thanks to direct printer integrations

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