Integrating BaseLinker with Glami allows you to quickly list multiple offers in selected product categories. During listing process you can use any product source like BaseLinker warehouse, store warehouse, wholesaler or ERP. Thanks to BaseLinker's integration with Glami, stocks and prices in your offer will always be up-to-date and consistent with data you have in stock. Clear layout of information in BaseLinker panel will allow you to quickly verify which products already have offers on Glami platform. Additionally, you can download offers previously listed directly on the marketplace to BaseLinker and manage them all from our system. After a simple integration connection in your panel in section Integrations → Marketplace, you can immediately use the possibilities of the module.

Good customer reviews depend on more than just packing the package correctly and shipping it quickly. Customers expect notifications about every stage of its implementation. That is why among our integrations appeared communication platform (SMS, RCS, Viber), which allows you to send SMS messages related to orders, regardless of whether they come from marketplace, store or other source. Sending notifications is done directly from the BaseLinker dashboard, so the whole process is concentrated in one place!

Integrating BaseLinker and gives you the ability to create SMS templates and send them in bulk to recipients from a designated list of orders, such as with a thank you for a purchase or with information about shipping. The system can send SMS messages even without your participation if you set up an automatic action for a specific event, such as collecting a payment. If you need to send an individual message to a customer, you also have this option - from within the order.

BaseLinker does not charge any fees for sending SMS, you are billed directly to


BaseLinker clients who want to use the SendSMS module, will also receive a special offer:

  • 100 free messages
  • Preferential price without quantitative thresholds (after using up the 100 free messages)
  • Special price for the implementation of the sender’s ID
  • Dedicated Account Manager for cooperation with BaseLinker
  • Free email support 24/7 in English
  • Phone support from 9 AM to 5 PM on working days (in English and Romanian)


To use the new integration just register to SendSMS service, then connect the module in the BaseLinker panel in Integrations → Others → SendSMS.

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