Integrating Google Shopping with BaseLinker will allow you to show products in Google Shopping results without purchasing additional plugins for your web shop. You can take advantage of this integration (as with dozens of others) as part of your subscription - at no extra cost.

BaseLinker offers highly appreciated listing tools, making the process simple and efficient. As a product source, connect your store's warehouse and let BaseLinker ensure stock and price synchronization with Google Shopping platform. It is possible to automatically close out of stock offers or if the warehouse price would be set to zero.

The Google platform directs interested customers to your store - if you want, you can download store orders to the BaseLinker Order Manager, which significantly streamlines the process of order processing.

Integration with the platform allows you to list offers and exchange order information and statuses between and BaseLinker. At the beginning Erli offers 0% commission for the first 3 months.

Integration is available on the Erli's side. It is supported by the Erli technical support. The integration process can be divided into two main stages: establishing the connection and configuring the integration.

  • → seller's panel → integration method → select BaseLinker from the list→ paste API key → save
  • Configuration of integration: → selecting product category → matching order statuses → matching category → matching attributes

The release of the API key makes all oder information available

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