Wondering if you can ship InpostFresh orders faster? Actually, you can - just connect InpostFresh + DHL accounts to BaseLinker. We offer both integrations and a wide range of tools to speed up the dispatch process. For years BaseLinker has been developed to automate the work of retailers.

Benefit from such features as:

  • single and bulk shipment creation (and thanks to automatic actions even without the seller's participation - the system will create a shipment when the indicated event occurs, e.g. reaching the 'Ready to ship' status)
  • automatic e-mail /SMS notifications to customers, also when a package is sent (with its number and tracking link)
  • automatic generation and printing of shipping labels and manifests
  • a unique information page for each order, informing the customer about parcel status changes along with an animated parcel route
  • automatic forwarding of the shipping number to InpostFresh

Good news! Depending on your business needs, you can connect any number of InpostFresh and DHL accounts to BaseLinker without affecting your subscription fee.

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