Having your own online store on SOTESHOP, and want to list offers on Leroy Merlin Brazil ? BaseLinker will help you manage sales by combining both channels in one system. The integration works in both directions, i.e. it is possible to quickly list and synchronize product offers on the marketplace, using directly your store's warehouse as well as downloading orders from Leroy Merlin Brazil to the BaseLinker panel (and then forwarding them to SOTESHOP).

Decide where to handle orders from the marketplace and the store - whether in BaseLinker Manager or in the SOTESHOP panel. Consider managing all your sales in BaseLinker system from the very beginning, because as the business develops you might want to connect more marketplace accounts and store platforms. The system significantly accelerates the order handling process thanks to innovative tools such as Pick&Pack Assistant and automatic actions.

Discover the additional features of integrating Leroy Merlin Brazil with SOTESHOP in BaseLinker:

  • stock synchronization between store and marketplace
  • possible automatic offer ending if product is out of stock in the shop's warehouse, as well as automatic relisting when the stock is replenished
  • automatic price synchronization between the marketplace and the store, including the possibility of setting up your own pricing rules between them
  • forwarding orders from Leroy Merlin Brazil to SOTESHOP (you can handle them further in the store or process all orders in the BaseLinker)

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