OLX integration allows listing offers in selected OLX categories and stock synchronization between offers and the warehouse. During the listing process you can use any product source, e.g. store or BaseLinker warehouse, wholesaler or ERP. With the help of BaseLinker you can list dozens of offers with a few clicks! Practical "listed / not listed" button will help you quickly verify which products have already been listed on the OLX platform.

Explore additional possibilities of integrating OLX with BaseLinker:

  • access tools to speed up the listing process (automatic parameter filling, linking categories and products, offer templates and many more)
  • possibility to manage offers by ongoing / inactive / queued / wrong (offers managed in BaseLinker will be automatically moved between tabs)
  • stock synchronization in the offer according to the warehouse stock
  • automatic offer relisting
  • price synchronization in the offer according to the warehouse (including price multiplier)
  • automatic offer closing at 0 price
  • when offering the same product in different services (e.g. OLX, Allegro, eBay), it is possible to synchronise stock between the different marketplace platforms
  • import of active offers listed directly on the OLX platform, even before connecting BaseLinker account
  • an option to execute certain actions in multiple offers at once

MenedzerWysylek.pl is a courier broker application, allowing sellers to import orders from eBay and purchase labels for domestic and international packages. Shipments are processed by several carriers including DHL, Spring, DPD, GLS, UPS and InPost. All the payment are settled with the broker and the application administrator.

By integrating BaseLinker with MenedzerWysylek.pl our users may select the broker to generate courier labels from the list directly in orders fetched to our panel. The integration allows you to ship orders from sources other than eBay as well.


See how BaseLinker can be integrated with MenedzerWysylek.pl:

  • calculate shipping cost
  • fast shipping of orders downloaded to BaseLinker panel (using carriers from broker list)
  • generate and print labels (individually from the order card as well as in bulk from the order list)
  • send tracking number and carrier name to eBay
  • fetch delivery note with label
  • defining the pickup option (by courier or by a pickup point)
  • fetching shipment statuses (package tracking)

Special offer for BaseLinker users:. Any BaseLinker user who requests integration with MenedzerWysylek.pl will receive access to the Business tariff on the password "BaseLinker". See how to make use of the promotional offer.

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