Integrating BaseLinker with Shopmania allows you to quickly list multiple offers in selected product categories. During listing process you can use any product source like BaseLinker warehouse, store warehouse, wholesaler or ERP. Thanks to BaseLinker's integration with Shopmania, stocks and prices in your offer will always be up-to-date and consistent with data you have in stock. Clear layout of information in BaseLinker panel will allow you to quickly verify which products already have offers on Shopmania platform. Additionally, you can download offers previously listed directly on the marketplace to BaseLinker and manage them all from our system. After a simple integration connection in your panel in section Integrations → Marketplace, you can immediately use the possibilities of the module.

Amazon Buy Shipping is a shipping service offered by the marketplace - it works as a shipping broker. The seller, from the level of his account in Seller Central, buys a courier service from Amazon (commercial settlements are made with Amazon), and the shipments themselves are carried out by a carrier from the Amazon list, e.g. DPD, UPS, FedEx or USPS.

Amazon Buy Shipping is primarily the ability to simultaneously purchase multiple labels from different carriers without the need to create accounts with them. Through the service, Amazon offers a simplified model of settlements with one trading partner and competitive shipping prices.

Discover the possibilities of integrating with the Amazon Buy Shipping service:

  • our system users can generate courier labels from the Amazon list directly from the BaseLinker Order Manager
  • valuation of shipments (during the valuation, useful information about available and rejected shipping services for a given order is returned)
  • option to void shipments
  • downloading labels in several formats to choose from (PDF, PNG, ZPL - the latter gives the possibility of additional description on the label)
  • possibility to download a consignment note with a label
  • the option of specifying the method of collecting packages (by courier or by sending at a point)

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