BaseLinker integrations with ERP programs are provided by external companies. BaseLinker does not create its own integrators of this type. Below you can find external integrators available for purchase from OMEGA. The integrator connects with the BaseLinker API and ERP database to exchange information. The integrator cost and the billing method depends on the software provider.

If you are a developer and have prepared your own integrator with any ERP program, please contact us.

Suppliers of BaseLinker integrators with OMEGA




WAREHOUSE (import)

We offer an automatic connection between BaseLinker and the Kros Omega system, with customizations tailored to your company's processes. Connected, you don't need any additional extensions on the Omega side.

Transferability is available:

  • orders or invoices for Omega
  • .
  • order status changes back to BaseLinker
  • .
  • stock update, including support for multiple storages
  • .
  • Price transfer, including support for multiple price lists and price promotions
  • .

It goes without saying that various tax systems are supported.

From 5000 czk/installation + 500 czk/month or from 12500 czk at a time

Test all system integrations and functions free of charge for 14 days