Benefits of using BaseLinker Connect:

Establish B2B partnerships quickly and easily Connect with new customers, suppliers, producers, dropshipping wholesalers or fulfillment service providers

Streamline communication and data exchange with existing contractors Reduce the number of emails and save time by processing orders through BaseLinker Connect

Shorten order processing times and customer satisfaction BaseLinker Connect enables automated transfer of data on products, orders, prices or shipments to your partners

Place wholesale orders within minutes Select and order products from the catalogue visible in BaseLinker Connect to reduce the risk of errors. Track your purchase orders progress within BaseLinker Connect

Explore the capabilities of BaseLinker Connect

Wholesalers and supplies

Wholesalers and supplies

Whether you are a wholesaler yourself or you order from one, BaseLinker Connect will make your job easier. As a wholesaler, you can share your product list with other retailers and receive wholesale orders from them. As a retailer, you can order from wholesalers on our platform. Both parties will automatically exchange tracking numbers, invoices and delivery statuses, with stock levels adjusting accordingly.


Dropshipping simpler than ever

Do you want to offer your product range via dropshipping to selected partners? All you need is your customers to be BaseLinker users. You don't need any additional programme. When orders come in from them, you'll see them in your account and, once fulfilled, the tracking numbers you've created will also go to the original orders. If you are a dropshipping retailer yourself, you will automatically forward orders to the wholesaler as long as it uses BaseLinker.

Convenient fulfillment

Convenient fulfillment

Do you use or offer fulfillment services? With BaseLinker Connect, you can greatly simplify data exchange process. Connect stock levels with your contractor, transfer orders, their statuses and shipment numbers automatically. Perhaps you have free storage space? BaseLinker Connect will make it easy for you to provide a small-scale fulfillment service to save costs!

New opportunities in the B2B space

New opportunities in the B2B space

BaseLinker Connect opens up an entire new dimension of collaboration with other e-commerce companies! Whatever the arrangement, we will enable both sides to exchange all data that may be of interest - orders, invoices, shipments, statuses, products, prices and deliveries.

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Product sharing

Share product data with business partners that use BaseLinker. As an online store, you can import an external warehouse to your own. You can change the names and descriptions of the downloaded products, set your own prices, and synchronize stock levels and prices with the partner's warehouse. As a wholesaler, you can share information and product prices of your choice with your partner.

Order sharing

With BaseLinker Connect, you can quickly forward orders to a company that will complete them. Submit orders manually with one click or through a dedicated fully automatic action. The recipient, e.g. a wholesaler, can overwrite name, tax rate, price and weight of products in the received order to operate on data from its own warehouse.

Label sharing

Proper shipping management is the key to successful collaboration with dropshipping wholesalers and fulfillment partners. With BaseLinker Connect, both you and your business partner can download and upload labels and automatically track shipments. Tracking numbers can further be synchronized with the original source of the order, e.g. marketplace or store. Labels can be exchanged in parallel with the order or later - depending on your arrangements.

Purchase orders

Your supplier, e.g. a wholesaler, can easily generate a connection code that gives you a quick overview of their product database and the ability to add new purchase orders. You can view the wholesaler's products directly in your BaseLinker panel and create purchase orders for the assortment provided. The order will automatically go to your supplier's BaseLinker panel. It will also be possible to negotiate specific order items inside BaseLinker. The whole process encapsulated in one system takes much less time than traditional purchase orders.

Collective invoices

To simplify payments with your partner and cut time spent on managing paperwork, BaseLinker Connect allows for issuing collective invoice that span multiple orders. If you operate on a dropshipping model, you will notice a huge time saving! Click here to find out more.

Order status matching

BaseLinker Connect enables collaborating parties to map their order statuses to each other. This way, you can ensure accurate exchange of order completion updates.

Product import

Need to import products from an external warehouse? With BaseLinker Connect you can import other BaseLinker users' products to your own catalog with a single click of a button.

Purchase order page

Purchasers and suppliers can use purchase order page to align on order terms, like price or number of units. Delivery takes place after both parties approve the product list within the system.

Stock synchronisation

BaseLinker enables automatic synchronization of stock levels between partners. A wholesaler or fulfillment company can manage the stock, which is copied to the partner's warehouse and further synchronized to the sales channels (online stores and marketplaces).

Sharing descriptions, images and parameters

Your product descriptions are SEO-optimized and you do not want others to use them? No problem. In BaseLinker Connect you can manage permissions to access product descriptions, parameters and photos. You can also create separate descriptions available only to your business partners.

Tracking number sharing

No need to remember to send the tracking number to the marketplace and your contractor's store. BaseLinker Connect will do it automatically at the time you specify: immediately after creating the shipment or after the order transitioning to a specific status.

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Comprehensive sales management
BaseLinker is not just BaseLinker Connect

BaseLinker offers you complex sales management. In addition to the BaseLinker Connect, we also offer you access to a warehouse, where you can create a product database, a panel for the bulk offer listing or the possibility to integrate the store with marketplace platforms.

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