Automatic repricing - what do you gain?

Save time and resources By setting up rules to change prices, you will free up your time and that of your team.

You'll quickly adjust prices to market realities If product prices in the market rise or fall, your prices will automatically adjust for each situation - even if you're on vacation.

Take care of your prices and margins When others' offers become more expensive or run out of stock, the system will automatically raise the prices of your products and protect your margins.

Follow your pricing strategy If your strategy is to make selected offers cheaper than competitors, easily set up automatic rules to change the rate.

Learn about the features that will give you a competitive advantage:

Tracking competitor prices

Tracking competitor prices

Do you want to always have an up-to-date view of the prices offered by other sellers? BaseLinker's competitor price tracking module will allow you to constantly monitor prices for your selected auctions. The system regularly searches for the cheapest offers for a given product - you will see them on the list of offers.

Price automation (repricing)

Price automation (repricing)

If you are looking for a tool that will automatically update the prices of your products in relation to other listings on marketplace platforms, use BaseLinker's repricing feature. The changes will take place on the terms you specify, that is, at a margin that is profitable for you.

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Changes on your terms

Define the conditions under which the system should update the price. Set the base price, reserve and markup, among others, and the system will adjust the price relative to the competition in the best way for you.

Precise results

You can specify exactly for which listings to enable tracking or automation of price changes. If you want to skip selected sellers, just enter their logins. The system can also bypass your listings from other accounts of a particular marketplace to make the comparison result as precise as possible.

Bulk operations

You can perform competitor price tracking and updating activities for multiple listings at the same time. Take advantage of mass operations and the system will update hundreds of listings for you at once.

Competitor tracking and repricing on Allegro

With competitor tracking and repricing on every Allegro account connected to BaseLinker, you can track as many as 1,000 listings per day for free. Plan your pricing strategy, set up rules in just a few steps and succeed on Allegro with automation from BaseLinker.

Competitor tracking and repricing for eMAG listings

eMAG Marketplace is one of the fastest growing sales platforms in Europe, and it offers attractive cooperation terms for BaseLinker sellers. The potential of the service is huge, so competition on eMAG is growing - start tracking other sellers' offers now, enable price automation and improve the attractiveness of your offers.

Greater chances on Amazon Buy Box with price automation

Use BaseLinker's competitor price monitoring and Amazon repricing features in your battle for a high position in the Buy Box (also known as an Amazon Featured Offer). The system will automatically lower the price in response to your competitor's actions, and the change will be on your terms.
Save time and resources - use BaseLinker's tracking of other Amazon sellers and automate price changes while maintaining margin and profitability.

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BaseLinker is not just Price automation

BaseLinker offers you complex sales management. In addition to the Price automation, we also offer you access to a warehouse, where you can create a product database, a panel for the bulk offer listing or the possibility to integrate the store with marketplace platforms.

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