Optimizing for growth – The case of strategic shift with BaseLinker


At a pivotal moment, Handprinted, a UK-based printmaking and dyeing business, found itself at a crossroads. A business was facing the all-too-common dilemma of e-commerce stagnation. Handprinted discovered a powerful ally in BaseLinker, a comprehensive e-commerce management platform. This case study explores how BaseLinker revolutionized Handprinted’s day-to-day activities, fostering growth and operational efficiency.

The Challenge: Seeking Flexibility and Efficiency

With a dual setup comprising a retail shop and a print studio, Handprinted offers an extensive range of products both online and offline, as well as classes taught by esteemed tutors from across the UK. They pride themselves on their deep understanding of the products they sell, ensuring customers not only receive high-quality goods but also unparalleled guidance and support.

For a decade, Handprinted relied on a stock control management system that lacked the flexibility and efficiency needed to keep up with the demands of modern e-commerce. The system’s limitations hindered their ability to integrate seamlessly with various sales channels and couriers, a critical component for expanding their online presence and customer base. This challenge prompted Handprinted to seek a more robust and versatile solution.

The Solution: Transitioning to BaseLinker

Handprinted’s transition to BaseLinker marked a turning point in the company’s operational dynamics. BaseLinker offered an all-in-one interface that seamlessly integrated with Handprinted’s website, eBay, and Etsy stores, as well as with all the couriers they utilized. This integration not only streamlined their operations, but also significantly improved their order processing and stock control capabilities.

Key Benefits of BaseLinker for Handprinted:

  • Ease of transition: The switch to BaseLinker was smooth, aided by excellent support from the BaseLinker team. This ease of adoption underscored the platform’s user-friendly nature.
  • Operational efficiency: The adoption of BaseLinker led to significant improvements in operational efficiency. Tasks that were once cumbersome and time-consuming became automated and streamlined. BaseLinker’s automated actions reduced the need for manual decision-making, allowing Handprinted to focus on growth and customer service.
  • Enhanced customer service: Handprinted is now able to respond to customer inquiries quicker, improved the packing process thanks to Pick&Pack Assistant, and made stock control more manageable, contributing to a superior customer experience.
  • Growth and expansion: The platform’s scalability and comprehensive support system have been instrumental in supporting businesses through their growth trajectories. With BaseLinker’s support, Handprinted resumed shipping to the EU and is poised for continued growth.


Handprinted’s experience with BaseLinker is a testament to the transformative power of selecting the right e-commerce management solution. The platform’s comprehensive features and responsive support team have enabled Handprinted to streamline their operations, enhance customer service, and set the stage for future growth. BaseLinker stands out not only for its technical capabilities but also for its ability to understand and adapt to the unique needs of businesses like Handprinted. This case study serves as a valuable example for small to medium-sized enterprises seeking to optimize their e-commerce operations and drive growth.

As Handprinted continues to expand its product range and reach, BaseLinker remains an indispensable partner, illustrating the profound impact of technology on fostering business innovation and customer satisfaction.

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