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The subscription includes

applies to all subscription plans

  • over 400 e-commerce integrations (including marketplace platforms, online stores, carriers and many more)
  • access to all integrations from one panel without having to log in to each account separately
  • possibility to integrate systems in any number and configuration
  • all integrations available already during the free trial period and then at the subscription price
  • no restrictions to the number of accounts connected even with the same marketplace or carrier
See the range of integrations BaseLinker has to offer
  • listing products from any warehouse (store, wholesaler, ERP or BaseLinker warehouse)
  • quick listing tools (including parameter auto-fill, offer templates, shipping templates and category links)
  • listing offers in variations
  • bulk operations on multiple offers at the same time
  • feature to forward orders from marketplace to store and ERP
  • automatic stock synchronization between marketplace platforms and warehouse
  • possibility of automatic offer closing when out of stock
  • automatic price synchronization in offers according to the prices in stock
  • possibility of automatic offer closing at zero price
Explore the other functions of the Marketplace Manager
  • managing orders from marketplaces, stores, placed by phone or in person
  • fast order processing thanks to automatic actions
  • automatic forwarding of dropshipping orders (for wholesalers)
  • possibility to forward orders to the store and ERP
  • Pick&Pack Assistant support (packing error warnings, taking photo of the shipment)
  • sending shipments (one by one, in bulk, automatically)
  • issuing invoices, proforma's, corrections and receipts as well as sending to online accounting systems
  • automatic email and SMS notifications to customers and a unique order information page
  • phone app reporting about the orders of the calling customer
Explore the other Order Manager functions
  • instant access to multiple courier integrations
  • sending shipments(one by one, in bulk, automatically)
  • ordering a pick-up
  • forwarding the shipping number to the marketplace and store
  • automatic printouts of the shipping labels and shipping manifest
  • notifications to customers providing shipping number and package status
  • possibility to create your own shipment size and weight templates
  • monitoring shipment statuses, delivery time, and viewing each package's history
  • feature for automatic verification of package delivery
Explore the other benefits of BaseLinker shipping management
  • unlimited number of automatic actions to set for seller's support, e.g. in status changes, issuing invoices, sending parcels, customer correspondence
  • Pick&Pack Assistant support - a module using a barcode scanner for product picking and parcel packing
  • fast printing of documents and shipping labels without downloading to computer
  • triggering system actions with a keyboard shortcut, custom button or by scanning the barcode
  • information on the status of customer orders visible on the phone screen as soon as the caller's number is displayed (with BaseLinker Caller app)
Find out how to automate your business
  • possibility to create custom product database in the BaseLinker system (option designed for retailers without a store)
  • possibility of additional product cataloguing off the shop offer (option designed for store owners)
  • quick product listing in the marketplace directly from BaseLinker's warehouse
  • stock and price synchronization between the warehouse and marketplace services
  • several ways to import products into the warehouse: manually, by importing offers with the option to create products in the warehouse and using XML or CSV file
  • possibility to quickly export data using predefined templates or custom templates formats with selected content
Find out more about the capabilities of BaseLinker Warehouse
  • BaseLinker runs in a web browser - you can run the system on any device with Internet access
  • seamless access to cloud-based data
  • data security - backups created twice a day
  • any number of employee profiles with separate logins and passwords
  • the possibility of defining user privileges and access areas
  • verification of actions performed by employees in the system
  • possibility to create automatic actions with user-specific conditions
  • employee efficiency control
  • setting the panel language for a given employee
Additional options

Stock synchronization on (one) marketplace

Free (every 8 hours)

5 USD (every 1 hour)

From 100 USD (every 5 min)

Monitoring the competition's prices in Allegro

Free (once a week)

5 USD (daily)

Paid ERP integrators from third-party providers

BaseLinker doesn't develop integration of this kind. The integrator's cost and billing method depends on the software provider.

Check the list of ERP integrators

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you decide to buy our services, you can test the program without any obligations for 14 days. The system is fully functional during the test period.

BaseLinker supports most popular store platforms. All of them are listed in the Integrations section. It is possible to integrate the system with any store platform, including custom platforms. Here, a special data exchange file for the store is created. If you are interested in connecting another platform or custom store, please contact us

BaseLinker is a web application - it works in a browser. System can run on any computer connected to the Internet.

Of course. The system is designed for both sellers with an online store and those selling only on marketplaces. For sellers without a store, the program offers the possibility of rapid bulk listing and a very complex Order Manager.

Connecting the store is very simple. It does not require any modification to the file structure or the store's database. Connection takes only a few minutes and does not require any programming knowledge. Integration only involves placing one new file on FTP server in the store's root folder. In case of accounts not connected to the online store, the system is immediately ready to work, just enter the address of the BaseLinker panel in the browser :)

You don't need your own WebAPI key, the system uses its own keys. There are no additional fees charged for using Allegro WebAPI.

Yes, we issue VAT invoices. Subscription for using the system and payment details are described in the pricing section.

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