Package status tracking

Effortless package status tracking

Customer is restfully waiting for the shipment as long as there is a possibility to track the order's progress. BaseLinker ensures customer's (and yours) peace of mind, sending an e-mail or SMS with a shipment tracking link. The customer can also check the current delivery status on the unique order information page. You don't have to remember to send notifications anymore - the automatic action module will notify the customer about package status change.

Forwarding of the dispatch number to the marketplace and store

Forwarding the shipping number to the marketplace and store

BaseLinker will also send the tracking number to the marketplace and to your store for you. This task is performed automatically within a few seconds after the shipment is created (only for Amazon the transfer takes up to 30 minutes). Choose whether BaseLinker should forward the number as soon as the shipment is created or as soon as the order is transferred to the selected status.

Flawless integrations with various shipping carriers

One system combines several dozen key carriers and shipping brokers for you and we are constantly developing further integrations. Starting now, send packages via UPS, FedEx, DHL and many other national and international providers. No need to log in to their services - manage all your shipments in the intuitive BaseLinker Order Manager.

Create shipments one by one or in bulk

Create a single shipment directly from the order tab or order list. Send hundreds of shipments at once from the order list even without entering the order details. Our suggestion? Set up an automatic action to entirely automate this workflow, e.g. Immediately after receiving the customer's payment!

Parcel size and weight templates

Create your own size and weight templates for each courier integration. Speed up the process of sending packages, as you will not need to complete this data in each order separately. Another option features linking the dimension and weight template to the packaging type, e.g. pallet. Choose a template from the order card or quickly assign it to the hundreds of packages to be shipped.

Send documents straight to the printer

Sending packages resembles racing against the clock - cut down on redundant activities. Instantly send the labels for printing directly from the order card or the order list, instead of tedious downloading. Integration with PrintNode allows you to print labels at one click from any computer, even outside the office! Set up an automatic action to print labels automatically, e.g. when orders reach a certain status or as soon as a shipment is created.

One API for carriers

Use BaseLinker as an instrument to create packages for various carriers. Create packages from your external application instead of using BaseLinker panel. One API allows generating corresponding shipments of several dozen carriers in the same way. No longer prepare and maintain each carrier integration separately. The API allows you to create shipments, download labels and track parcels.

Learn more about the possibilities of the API

Customer order info page

Keep your customers satisfied by sending a link to the order page. Next to the purchase details, package status information appears along with a shipment tracking link. It's a pity you can't see the smile when the customer checks out the map with the animated parcel's route!

Full control

BaseLinker gives you full control over your packages. Trace the statuses individually and collectively, and after delivery you check how many workdays the delivery lasted. Easily check each package's history and search for specific shipments with a practical search engine.

Manage undelivered parcels

Use automatic actions to verify whether the parcels have been delivered or whether they have been advised or returned. Make the system automatically assign such orders to separate statuses and send out suitable messages to customers on your behalf.

Comprehensive sales management
BaseLinker is not just Shipping management

BaseLinker offers you complex sales management. In addition to the Shipping management, we also offer you access to a warehouse, where you can create a product database, a panel for the bulk offer listing or the possibility to integrate the store with marketplace platforms.

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