Pick&Pack Assistant

BaseLinker Pick&Pack Assistant

Stand out from the crowd with instant shipping and no mistakes. We designed the Pick&Pack Assistant to help you achieve this - a modern tool to speed up the product picking as well as packing process It operates largely on the barcode scanner, so that the employee faces less manual labor. Pick&Pack Assistant supervises the order preparation process and notifies about any errors. At the end, it will take a picture of the packed parcel, so that you can pleasantly amaze the customer even before the parcel is delivered. The Pick&Pack Assistant and automatic actions will take your Shipping Department to the higher level and substantially reduce each package preparation time!

Automatic status changes

Manage your order list smart and create your own statuses, such as 'paid', 'sent', 'returned' and many more. BaseLinker allows creating dozens of statuses and even joining them into groups. Forget about moving orders around manually - set the events and conditions for changing the order status and let the automatic actions complete the task for you.

Fast and bulk sending of e-mails and text messages to customers

Manually writing messages about the stages of the order is a thing of the past. Create customer information templates and send them in bulk from the order list. You can automate the process and set the situations in which the system should send them for you.

Bulk shipment creation

Multiple carrier integrations in one system provide the first step to optimize the shipping process in your company. Feel the real acceleration after setting up the automatic actions - let the system create hundreds of shipments with the selected carrier and print out the shipping labels along with the manifest without your participation.

Printout straight to the printer

Instead of tediously downloading documents to your computer, send them for printing with one click directly from the BaseLinker panel. BaseLinker connects with the printer in the background to let you print documents even outside the office. Can you go any faster than that? Now you can. Introduce the automatic action to create prints on their own, e.g. when working with the Pick&Pack Assistant. Mark order as 'packed' to automatically print out the shipping label and invoice.

Automatic invoicing subject to the customer's country

Selling across various countries? Issue invoices and receipts in multiple numbering series, VAT rates and languages. The system will generate them automatically according to the given numbering series settings and will forward them to customers. VAT can be determined, e.g. according to the FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) shipping warehouse.

Personal events - it couldn't be easier!

Launch a specific action in your fastest way. Issue a receipt with a keyboard shortcut. Create the shipment with your own customized button. Send an e-mail by scanning the barcode! Discover the magic of your personal events.

Customer shipment tracking

Don't bother with sending out shipment notifications. The system can send the customer an automatic SMS or e-mail with information about the incoming shipment, providing shipping number and tracking link. The customer can also check the shipment status on the individual order page, constantly kept up to date by the system.

Seller shipment tracking

BaseLinker automatically tracks the shipment status in the courier and saves this information in the panel for you to monitor the progress of the shipment without endlessly checking the tracking link or the carrier's website. Importantly, the system can respond automatically, for example when a package is damaged or lost.

BaseLinker Caller app

The customer is waiting on the phone, and you're struggling to find his order on the computer? This may look very different with our app - as soon as the caller's number is displayed you will see the order status on your phone screen as well!

Keyboard Shortcuts

Sometimes the little details decide whether a package is dispatched on a given day. Accelerate order processing with shortcuts for built-in system functions and define your own shortcuts for automatic actions.

Full control!

Each order card gives you a live preview of the currently performed automatic actions and the history of the actions performed before.

How to create automatic actions?

For detailed explanation on creating automatic actions, see the Help section

Comprehensive sales management
BaseLinker is not just Workflow automation

BaseLinker offers you complex sales management. In addition to the Workflow automation, we also offer you access to a warehouse, where you can create a product database, a panel for the bulk offer listing or the possibility to integrate the store with marketplace platforms.

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