BaseLinker Changelog – March 2024


BaseLinker is being extended with new modules, features and options every day. Below is a list of the modifications made in March. The most important updates are described in separate blog posts as they are implemented.

Product Manager and Order Manager

[AI] Mass text generation by AI in additional fields, possibility to add custom prompts
[Automatic Actions] Ability to use text in automatic actions of Number type
[Automatic Actions] Added webhook for Zapier – add receipt and add receipt with order
[Automatic Actions] Comments in automatic actions
[Automatic Actions] New action – Add discount to order item
[Automatic Actions] New conditions: number of different products in an order (by SKU) and number of a given SKU in whole order
[Couriers] Ability to download manifest only for shipments not yet dispatched
[Couriers] Marking return packages in returns panel
[Email templates] New tags, related to marketplace delivery date: marketplace_date_delivery_from,
[Interface Actions] Ability to configure a message with buttons only – no text
[Orders] Added record and display of shipment creation and user profile information in order change history
[Orders] Advanced product filtering – new filter Reservations
[Orders] Sound alert after scanning unrecognized EAN code
[Ordering Pick-up ] Change in forwarding parcels for which a pick-up has not yet been ordered to the carrier. Added option to bypass default behaviour
[Packing Assistant] Ability to go to the order containing scanned products, also for uncollected and unpacked orders
[Packing Assistant] Automatic hiding packed orders from the side panel
[Printouts] New tags related to returns: return_item_buyer_comment, link_to_return
[Prints] New tag, indicating the total number of shipments in an order – package_ord_number
[Prints] New tags, related to marketplace commissions: cost_commission_marketplace_gross, cost_commission_marketplace_netto, cost_commission_marketplace_currency
[Products] Product Tags
[Storage Export] The product export form automatically saves the last selected settings
[Storage Export] When exporting products to the store, users have the option to choose their preferred VAT rate

Marketplace Manager

[Auto sell] Added ability to list in variant groups
[Auto sell] Added category selection for product using AI for Amazon
[Marketplace] Added ability to download thumbnails from BaseLinker storage when importing listings
[Marketplace] Added delivery time to additional information in orders
[Marketplace] Added option to select source of product image in order
[Marketplace] Added parameter links in integration based on SKU (starts, ends, includes SKU number)
[Marketplace] Synchronisation of declared product shipping time
[Repricing] Added module for Ceneo
[Repricing] Search by several EAN numbers

Integrations – Marketplace

[Allegro SK] New integration
[Altex] Commissioning of the first part of the new integration. Downloading orders, updating statuses, downloading a single order.
[Alza] Ability to send parcel information according to cutoff time
[Amazon] Addition of bulk price update actions
[Amazon] Downloading auction description directly from Catalog API
[Amazon] Increasing the number of supported bullet points from 5 to 10
[Casas Bahia][BR] Listing with variants
[Cdiscount] New version of integration in beta
[] Added ability to cancel orders using a custom field
[] New integration
[EBay] Support for transfer of ktypes for moto industry.
[EMAG] Adaptation of listing process to eMag guidelines
[EMAG] Deletion of inactive categories
[EMAG] Improving the creation of large numbers of offers.
[EMAG] Skipping API request limit error to 5 during offer import
[Elefant] Display of delivery time in additional information on orders
[Etsy] Bulk operations
[Etsy] Extension of Production Partner field requirement
[] Expansion of order cancellation when a correction invoice is issued
[Kaufland] Added thumbnail in marketplace orders if the ordered product is not linked to a BaseLinker store
[Kaufland] Option to download vat rate in orders from marketplace
[La Redoute] New integration
[Leen Bakker] New integration
[MadeiraMadeira][BR] New marketplace
[Mall] Display of delivery time in additional information on orders
[Maxeda DIY Group] New integration
[MercadoLivre][BR] Added support for warranty parameters
[MercadoLivre][BR] Correction of an error when downloading offers
[MercadoLivre][BR] Correction of an error when sending an offer for promotion
[Otto] Changed integration connection method to OAuth2
[Pixmania] New integration
[Shein] Added ability to handle US marketplace and ability to post offers
[Shein] Download orders by update date
[Skroutz] Added support for HTML characters in the offer description
[TikTok] Custom parameter values when issuing offers
[Wish] The “Origin country” field has been added to the offer submission form, which is required

Integrations – Accounting

[Exportsales HTML] Added option “Header”
[Exportsales JPK] Added option Add JPK FA tag if the order contains a printed receipt.
[Exportsales Pohoda XML] Added option Variable symbol
[FGO] CodGestiune option added
[Fakturoid] Added series of numbering support
[iDoklad] Added VAT Classification option

Integrations – Couriers

[AllegroKurier] Added auto detection of delivery service based on delivery form, added support for delivery services
[AllegroKurier] Added service record taking into account carriers supporting Allegro services (One Kurier, UPS, DPD, International)
[AllegroKurier] Corrected, at the return label, passing the collection point
[Allegrokurier] Added support for displaying errors for a given carrier when ordering a pick-up for ‘parcels from today’ from different carriers
[AlzaShipping] Introduced direct download of labels from the carrier
[AmazonPack] Added imperial units option
[AmazonShipping] Added imperial units options
[Amazonshipping] Enabled selection of default service in account settings
[Ambro] Added ability to download labels for sub-packs either collectively or individually
[Ambro] Added automatic pull-ups
[Ambro] Improved performance of BaseLinker Connect for automatic action initiating label download
[Apacheka] Added a new Fedex International service for international shipments with customs clearance
[Apacheka] Improved template for parcels
[BLPaczka] Improved performance for downloading multiple labels at once.
[BalikoBot] Added automatic pick-ups
[BliskaPaczka] Added automatic pick-ups
[Ceskaposta] Improved total order amount in customs handling.
[Couriers] Added ability to download manifest only for parcels not yet posted
[Couriers] Added automatic pick-ups
[DHL PL] Added automatic pick-ups
[DHLUK] Added automatic pick-ups
[DPD CZ] Tracking improvement. The statuses should refresh correctly from now on
[DPD PL] Added separate calculation of weight for domestic and international shipments
[DPDCZ] Added automatic pick-ups
[DPDLT] Added automatic pick-ups
[DPDRO] Added possibility to create a return label (change of sender and recipient data)
[DPD] Added automatic pick-ups
[DPD] Added possibility to send parcels at pick-up points
[DPD] Added service “Abroad guarantee”
[EMAG Logistics] Added new option to allow shipment to be sent at the point (no courier pick-up is ordered).
[EasyPost] Added automatic pick-ups
[FanCourier] Added automatic pick-ups
[FanCourier] Improved parsing of delivery addresses. From now on, addresses should send correctly to the courier
[FedEx] Updated list of services
[FedexPL] Added automatic pick-ups
[Fedex] Added automatic pick-ups
[Frugonetka] Refresh list of available services when saving account settings
[Frugonette] Added automatic pick-ups
[GLS DE] Added ability to generate return shipments only
[GLS PL] Improved logging and storage of authorisation token, resulting in better performance of automated actions for this courier
[GLS PL] The 10/12 delivery service is now available as an additional service in the form of a checkbox
[GLS RO] New option to set your own reference number for collection
[GLS SK] Missing statuses in tracking added
[GLS] Added automatic pick-ups
[Globkurier] Changed name of courier service
[HermesDE] Added automatic pick-ups
[InpostKurier] Added automatic pick-ups
[InpostKurier] Added changes to distribution of parcels against services, adjusting to changes made on the Inpost side
[InteliPost] Added automatic pick-ups
[JAS-FBG] New integration
[MRW] Updated domestic services
[Parcel] Added automatic pick-ups
[Parcelcels] Added changes to the distribution of parcels against services, adapting to changes made on the Inpost side
[Parcelcels] New section to add a separate address for courier drop-offs
[PatronBroker] Added automatic pick-ups
[Patron] Added automatic driveways
[PocztaPolska] Added option to order a courier pick-up.
[PocztaPolska] Added option to select parcel content/customs clearance for crossborder registered letter
[PostPoland] Option to automatically paste the province to the city in the recipient’s address
[Posta bez hranic] New service added (HU – Hungarian Post)
[Postis] Fixed the integration connection mechanism
[Purolator] Automatic ramps added
[Romania Express] New integration
[] Implementation of international mail service to Hungary
[] New insurance support added
[Slovenskaposta] Improved handling of parcel collections.
[Spring] Improved operation of the PUDO service. From now on, the PUDO number should send correctly
[WayfairShipping] New integration

Integrations – Online shops

[FastCentrik] New integration
[Gambio] New integration
[PrestaShop] Separating bundles to their individual component in orders imported from the store
[Redcart] New integration version
[Shopify] advanced setting “og_skip_orders_with_specific_tags” (download orders only with specific tags)
[Shopify] advanced setting “pa_sort_images” (images sorting when creating a product)
[Shopify] advanced setting “pd_remap_json” (products data mapping)
[SkyShop] New parameter: og_delay for delayed order synchronization

Integrations – Wholesalers

[Best Ride] New BaseLinker Connect integration
[FEN] New integration
[] New integration
[Norimpex] New BaseLinker Connect integration
[TK Lighting] New integration
[Targethome] New BaseLinker Connect integration
[Tusze-sklep] New integration
[] New BaseLinker Connect integration

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