BaseLinker Changelog – April 2024


BaseLinker is being extended with new modules, features and options every day. Below is a list of the modifications made in April. The most important updates are described in separate blog posts as they are implemented.

Product Manager and Order Manager

[Automatic Actions] Dynamic change of product price in automatic actions 🔥
[Automatic Actions] New condition – Cdiscount Fulfillment (FBC).
[Automatic Actions] New order_aa_last_error tag has been added to indicate the most recent error (e.g. error in handing over an invoice, sending a parcel, etc.)
[Email tags] New email tag – [marketplace_declared_packages_count]
[Export products] Ability to export photos of a set with the tag [bundle_photo_1]
[Printouts] Ability to generate QR codes in printouts 🔥
[Products] Ability to create variants from product list 🔥
[Products] Support for multiple EAN codes / bulk packaging 🔥
[RMA] Return address handling on return card
[Sales record] Added support for XML in receipts

Marketplace Manager

[Auto sell] Added AI functionality for categories on Amazon and eBay
[Email templates] Added a new visual version of the HTML template edit for email
[Marketplace API] Support for tax rate from orders
[Marketplace] Added ‘from-to’ shipping date and ‘from-to’ delivery date on order card in additional information for Etsy and TikTok integration
[Marketplace] Added ability to export selected offers from the offer management list
[Marketplace] Added support for delivery time information for Mirakl, eMAG, Otto integrations
[Marketplace] Fix possibility to change price/status synchronisation for offers ‘in queue’
[Repricing] Added separate settings for each market (DE, PL, IT, etc.)

Integrations – Marketplace

[Allegro] Added information next to a offer when it is removed by Allegro support
[Allegro] Added offer ID in Allegro billing
[Amazon FBA] Added display of number of items in stock for products
[Amazon FBA] Added new warehouse
[Amazon Vendor] Added display of transaction details for orders
[Amazon] Added filtering by the content of the error message in the Invalid tab
[Amazon] Added option to attach images by default during import when adding product to stock is enabled
[Amazon] Created warehouse categories corresponding to Amazon categories
[] New integration
[Cell] Added order cancellation statuses
[] New integration
[EMAG] Added default postal code for parcel machine delivery if this field is blank
[EMAG] Deleted requirement for default postcode in integration settings
[Ebay] Added ability to save fees when importing orders
[Ebay] Corrected forwarding address
[Erli] Added bulk operation to change assigned bid description template
[Heureka] Added automatic marking of order payments as cash on delivery
[Joom] Added ability to issue offers with variants
[Joom] Added option to automatically trim title to marketplace requirements
[Kaufland] Added link to offer in marketplace when product from order is not linked to offer in BaseLinker
[Kaufland] Extension of the check for offer activity when listing with the option of productisation.
[Kaufland] Extension of the possibility to check offer activity when downloading offers
[Kaufland] Modification (bug fix) of the mapping of order delivery forms for DHL points
[Kaufland] Modification of the default field mapping on listing form
[Kaufland] Renamed field ‘Additional description’ to ‘Keywords’
[Mercado Livre] AI category matching on listing form
[Mercado Livre] Added bulkOperation update listing type
[Mercado Livre] Added default unit to text inputs and concatenate unit to value after mapping
[Mercado Livre] Added discounts filtering by status and name + fix strikethrough prices
[Mercado Livre] Loading invalid items to new listing form
[Netshoes][BR] Added information about sales and delivery fees to orders
[Olist][BR] Added handling_time support
[Otto] Added bullet points in the bidding form
[PcComponentes] Added support for sales channels: DE/FR/IT
[Pigu] Added option to send only price greater than 0 when updating the offer
[Pigu] Correction in URL for product import method
[] New integration
[Reverb] Added support for ‘US state’ field from buyer address when downloading orders
[Reverb] Added the ability to save the ‘model’ and ‘condition’ fields on import and the ability to map the fields to the issue form
[Shein][BR] Added fee information to sales and delivery orders
[WeddingDream] Changed name and logo of integration to new one
[XXXLUtz] HTML enabled in description

Integrations – Accounting

[Exportsales] Receipts: XML
[Fakturoid] New option: Bank account
[Fakturownia] New invoice type: other invoices
[Firmao] Dynamic warehouse ID selection
[InFakt] New option: mark customers without VAT ID and company name as private
[] New integration
[Quickbooks] Auto forward receipts option
[Smartbill] New payments Extras de cont and Ramburs

Integrations – Couriers

[AllegroKurier] Added display of clear carrier names on created shipments
[AllegroKurier] Added support for Allegro One shipments served by DPD
[AllegroKurier] Added weight display for Allegro One shipments
[AllegroKurier] Renamed services for Allegro One shipments handled by UPS
[Auto Pick-ups] Added the ability to skip shipments collection whose status with the carrier indicates that they have already been handed over to the carrier
[Ceska Posta] Added the option to download available locations and select in account settings
[] Added parcel description to custom details
[] Fixes in return packages
[DPDCZ] Added support for a custom reference number for COD in the account settings.
[DPDDE] Added new sFTP servers in the courier account settings for forwarding information to the courier
[DPDUK] Improved tracking system
[DPD] Added reporting in the manual courier order form and in automatic drive-ups, of the actual weights, quantities and types of parcels created
[Delhivery] New integration on the IN market
[E-commerce International] New integration
[GEODIS] Improved predefined templates
[GLS SI/RO/HU/SK/CZ] Possibility to generate a return label
[] Fixes in parcel total weight
[GO balik CZ] New integration
[OlzaLogistic] Updated list of carriers dedicated to eMag shipment for correct transmission of the order ID
[PPL] Added handling of errors returned in a new format
[Packeta] Added automatic cancellation of shipments on the Packeta side in case of communication errors
[Paczkomaty/InpostKurier] Added checking the status of creating a drive-up order and returning any errors
[Paxy] Added new services to Greece and Italy (Elta and PosteItaliane)
[PocztaPolska] Added automatic pick-ups
[Qlink] Added support for dynamic forms
[RoyalMail API] Renaming the field specifying the ‘safe place’ to leave a parcel
[Spring] Improvement of an issue with the transmission of the PUDO point number (dispatch to point).
[TikTokShipping] New integration
[UPS] Added possibility to generate invoices on the UPS side in the bulk form and automatic actions
[WeDo v2] New integration (upgrade API)

Integrations – Online shops

[FastCentrik] Added support for mapping of order and product data
[FastCentrik] Added support for variants
[Gomag] Added option for advanced field mapping when retrieving orders from the shop
[IdoSell] New parameter: oa_point_data_in_comment for turning off delivery point data cloning to user comments
[Magento 2] Added export products to Magento 2, added parameter pa_attribute_set_name (attribute set name for add products to the store)
[OpenCart] DPD pickup point data redirected to the designated section on the BL order form
[Shopify] Added functionality to remove metafields (when parameter value is empty)
[Shopify] Added queuing of image uploads when exporting products to the shop
[Shopify] Expanded metafield upload to shop to include variants
[SkyShop] Order currency passed to the store
[WooCommerce] Entire category path, as opposed to just the leaf category, stored in Woo when synchronizing products
[WooCommerce] Fetching Sameday delivery point data from the newer plugin version
[WooCommerce] New parameter: fix_pm_title for overriding BL delivery method name with its matching Woo counterpart
[WooCommerce] Product synchronization to the store now respects WPML translations

Integrations – Wholesalers

[BigBuy] More languages support
[Cedar Sp. Z o.o.] New BaseLinker Connect integration
[Doctor Nap] New BaseLinker Connect integration
[ER4 Invest] New BaseLinker Connect integration
[FS Holding Ltd] New BaseLinker Connect integration
[Hurteo] New BaseLinker Connect integration
[Hurtownia Sternhoff] New BaseLinker Connect integration
[Kuchinox] New integration
[Kulig] New integration
[MIKFOL] New BaseLinker Connect integration
[MPLGROUP] New BaseLinker Connect integration
[] New BaseLinker Connect integration
[Vida XL] More languages support
[YokoDesign] New BaseLinker Connect integration
[Zabawkarstwo Bączek] New BaseLinker Connect integration
[Zamel] New integration

Knowledge Base

[Updated article] Creating products in BaseLinker based on marketplace offers
[Updated article] Repricing
[Updated article] Competition price monitoring
[Updated article] Printer integrations
[Updated article] Shipping carriers integrations
[Updated article] Automatic pickup ordering

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