Forwarding orders to the store and ERP

Forwarding orders to the store and ERP

You may decide where you want to handle orders from Amazon, eBay, Etsy and several other services - in the BaseLinker panel or in your store (or ERP). BaseLinker can forward orders from the marketplace to selected store and automatically reduce the stock of purchased products. You don't have to use the forwarding option and keep the entire processing in the BaseLinker Order Manager. This will grant you access to unique functionalities such as the Automatic Actions module or Pick&Pack Assistant.

Stock and price synchronization

Synchronization modules ensure peace of mind for retailers afraid of discrepancies between the shop and marketplace platforms. After selling the product in a shop or in an offer, the system will reduce the available product quantity in other sales channels. When the product is out of stock, offers in all marketplaces can be ended automatically. BaseLinker also gives you full price control - use automatic offer price synchronization according to the warehouse prices or set your own pricing rules between the marketplace and your warehouse.

List offers from any warehouse

Choose a store, wholesaler, ERP system or built-in BaseLinker warehouse. The latter option will allow you, among other things, to introduce goods not matching the store's offer or that you prefer not to publish on your website.

Rapid listing process

Initially, take a moment to set up your listing rules to reduce your workload and list thousands of offers with just a few clicks! Once you link up the shipping templates, marketplace categories and prepare an offer template, you will no longer need to do so for each product listing. Additionally, the system will automatically complete the offer parameters to even further reduce the time of your product's appearance on the marketplace.

Comprehensive offer management and bulk changes to eBay and Allegro offers

BaseLinker offers you full sales control on marketplace platforms. A clear and user-friendly panel shows you the ongoing, finished, promoted as well as automatically resumed offers. Instead of editing each offer separately, you can also perform bulk operations for multiple products, such as editing a description, adjusting a price or offer template.

Compare Allegro competitor’s prices

Keep your eye on the ball and stay up to date with the competition. BaseLinker will search for offers with specific items or from selected retailers. Track changing prices and compare your offer with others.

Parameter auto-filling

Manual parameter setting while listing a product can be very time-consuming. BaseLinker speeds up the entire process: it detects and completes parameters on the form and applies created mapping rules.

Listing products without seller’s supervision?

It is possible for some marketplace integrations, e.g. in Ceneo or OTOMOTO services. No need to complete the listing form - offers are created automatically when products appear in stock and the conditions set by the seller are met. Use this solution for selected or all new products.

Variation listing

Offering products in several variations? BaseLinker will support their presence on marketplace platforms. Easily create multi-variation offers on Amazon and eBay. For Allegro, each variant is listed as a separate offer, later combined into a multi-variation offer. BaseLinker offers listing each product variation as a separate offer or combining several into one variant group. If listing offers with variants listed in the description, use a special order information page. Provide the customer with a link to the page to choose the variant.

Importing offers from marketplace

BaseLinker offers downloading all active offers from marketplace platforms listed before registering a BaseLinker account (no need to finish the current offers and relist). If you choose to manage your products in the BaseLinker Warehouse, perform an import with the option to create products in the BaseLinker Warehouse. If you have a store, link the imported offers to products from the store warehouse. This will enable stock sync between the store and the marketplace. Linking can be automated based on SKU, EAN or product name.

Linking shipping templates

BaseLinker offers the possibility to link shipping templates to a product category, or even to specific items. If you sell one kind of products, assign one shipping template to entire marketplace account. Once set up, the links save your time in the listing process.

Resuming the offer

Decide which offers should be relisted once finished. It will happen automatically! Prevent relisting out of stock offers - the system will launch offer when the products are in stock again.

Customize offer templates

Reach for ready templates or create your own for the entire marketplace account, specific categories from the storage or products. You can choose them manually or set an automatically assigned pattern. You will avoid changing each auction separately - make changes to the template and all auctions will be updated!

CSV export

Export offers to a CSV file and obtain data to analyse your offers or export them to other systems. Download a single file or create a link that allows you to download always up-to-date offer information in a CSV file.

Offer sales history

Use the product offer history to evaluate best-selling products. Overview how many items have been listed and sold at any given time.

List your offers to another Allegro account

Having several Allegro accounts and wishing to duplicate offers between them? Mark the selected offers, select the target listing account, assign a shipping template... and that's it! No manual work, but plenty of time saved.

Comprehensive sales management
BaseLinker is not just Marketplace Manager

BaseLinker offers you complex sales management. In addition to the Marketplace Manager, we also offer you access to a warehouse, where you can create a product database, a panel for the bulk offer listing or the possibility to integrate the store with marketplace platforms.

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