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How to replace the work of several people in e-commerce with one tool?

Now, selling online does not require a huge budget, renting warehouse space and hiring a dozen employees. With a tool for efficient order management, it is possible to develop a lucrative e-shop even in the comfort of your four walls.

No packaging errors? With BaseLinker, it's possible!

A nightmare for many entrepreneurs in the e-commerce sector are the mistakes that occur when packing products for shipping. Incorrect marking of the recipient's address or an inappropriate carton are factors that negatively affect the customer's experience with your brand. Find out how IMM24 has succeeded in eliminating shipping mistakes to almost zero. No mistakes when packing the company...

How to reduce order processing time in an online shop by 7 times?

Long order processing time, packaging mistakes and low quality of customer service are just some of the problems of the e-commerce industry. Order management has a direct impact on how customers perceive your brand. Learn how to streamline your internal processes and increase the efficiency of your business. The significant expansion of the e-commerce market in the past two years has made already...

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