New feature: Automatic shipping time update for Allegro


At BaseLinker, we’re excited to unveil yet another enhancement for our Allegro integration based on your valuable feedback. This time, we introduce automatic shipping time (Prepare Time) and shipping date (Delivery Time) adjustments! In Allegro, there are two fields associated with shipping times: Prepare Time: This field specifies when the package will be dispatched, with Allegro’s...

Price automation (Repricing) for Allegro and eMAG


At BaseLinker, we’re thrilled to introduce our latest feature based on user suggestions. We have expanded the long-standing price-checking functionality for Allegro. Now, in your dashboard, you can activate the Competition module for Allegro and eMAG, enabling automatic price adjustments based on other sellers’ offers. Leveraging price automation, commonly referred to as repricing...

Accelerations – speed up synchronizations in your BaseLinker account

BaseLinker accelerations

With the start of the last quarter of the year – intensive for e-commerce – we have released a new module – Accelerations. It allows you to manage synchronizations according to your needs. This is a practical solution for days when more sales are expected and you need more frequent stock synchronization. Where can you find the new module? In the BaseLinker panel in the...

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