Looking for an AMTU alternative to streamline your Amazon orders data?


Look no further! Schedule a call to learn how BaseLinker can help you navigate AMTU Deprecation. What is AMTU? As per Amazon’s own description, The Amazon Merchant Transport Utility (AMTU) is a tool designed to make sending files to Amazon and receiving reports from Amazon as simple as dragging and dropping files into a directory. AMTU runs automatically behind the scenes, uploading files from...

Amazon API Changes: How BaseLinker Can Save Your Business


Schedule a call to learn how BaseLinker can help you navigate the API changes. Were you caught unaware by Amazon’s API discontinuation on August 31, 2023, and discovered that the data connectors you have been relying on for your business no longer work? Amazon has made significant changes to its API, and these changes have far-reaching consequences for businesses that sell on the Amazon...

Accelerations – speed up synchronizations in your BaseLinker account

BaseLinker accelerations

With the start of the last quarter of the year – intensive for e-commerce – we have released a new module – Accelerations. It allows you to manage synchronizations according to your needs. This is a practical solution for days when more sales are expected and you need more frequent stock synchronization. Where can you find the new module? In the BaseLinker panel in the...

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