BaseLinker Changelog – February 2024


BaseLinker is being extended with new modules, features and options every day. Below is a list of the modifications made in February. The most important updates are described in separate blog posts as they are implemented.

Product Manager and Order Manager

[Automatic Action] Ability to set the visibility of custom event buttons based on order status, packing station and employee profile
[Automatic Action] Option to exclude employee profiles in Automatic Action conditions
[Automatic Action] New option – receipt has been sent to an external system.
[Automatic Action] New option – correction has been sent to external system
[Automatic Action] New option – correction file has been uploaded (API)
[Automatic action] New option – receipt file has been uploaded (API)
[Automatic action] New condition – Allegro PL and CZ
[Automatic action] New condition – change of status of all parcels with courier
[Automatic Action] Replace invoice data with data taken from CSO
[Automatic Action] Change order data – change VAT – option “recalculate price”
[Interface Actions] Possibility to set large and extra large font in message boxes.
[Pick&Pack Assistant] Ability to edit the product name displayed in the Pick&Pack Assistant based on the additional product field
[Pick&Pack Assistant] Display of product stock in the Packaging Assistant
[Couriers] In the acceleration tab, acceleration of “Parcel tracking” was set to 30 minutes
[Inventory] Text generating by AI in bulk operations. Added support for long text type fields. Adding a prompt field for user content generation
[Inventory] Possibility of creating stock documents from the product list
[Inventory] Ability to display Manufacturer and Category in the product list
[RMA] Visual and functional modifications on returns form
[RMA] Ability to set a different email address and phone number for a return than for an order
[Orders] Ability to filter orders based on any courier shipment (not just the last one)
[Orders] Display of the number of orders in a status group

Marketplace Manager

[Marketplace] Added auto display to more marketplaces
[Marketplace] Improvements in the auto listing and extension of the AI function
[Marketplace] Display of stock and price synchronisation logs for selected account
[Marketplace] Display stock and price synchronisation logs for a selected account
[Marketplace] Rounding prices up and down when upgrading to 0.09
[Marketplaces] Added missing translations in advanced integration settings

Integrations – Marketplace

[Allegro] New Allegro SK integration
[Allegro] Optimisation of the listing form
[Amazon] Download product_type via Amazon API
[Amazon] Import NIP for FBA orders from TXT file
[Amazon] Import offers for NA region
[Amazon] Option to download net price for IOSS orders
[Aukro] Corrected missing list of images in the bid creation form
[BR][Mercado Livre] Release of new listing form
[BR][Mercado Livre] Retrieving returns from the marketplace
[BR][MercadoLivre] More possibilities in the collective editing of offers
[BR][MercadoLivre] Sending and removing an offer from a promotion
[BR][Shopee] More possibilities in collective offer editing
[Bonanza] Filling in the region field in the order
[CDON] New CDON marketplace
[Ebay] Filtering offers by SKU in variants.
[Emag] Added one table level to external AWB request – fix
[Emag] Added source_language parameter to API request.
[Emag] Custom modification to retrieve weight from category parameter
[Emag] Gross price calculation – correction
[Emag] Shipping number upload for all Emag integrations.
[Emag] Source_language parameter added only when updating description or title
[Etsy] Added dynamic requirement for Product Partner field on listing form
[Etsy] Improved parameter mapping with selection options (e.g. colour)
[Etsy] Latest order shipping date – visible in order card
[Etsy] Marking a listing as sold out
[Google] Additional markets for title/description mapping
[Home&You] Include HTML for description
[Idosell] Change of courier name for Inpost parcels
[Kaufland] Addition of option to download fulfillment orders
[Kruidvat] Improved reference_type
[Mall] Option to import new offers only
[MediaMarkt] Fixed category search
[Mirakl] New integration: Dotz
[Mirakl] New integration: GACD
[Mirakl] New integration: KaBum!
[Mirakl] New integration: Pixmania
[Netshoes] Displaying offers with product variants
[Pigu] Added new delivery type option to Auto Actions – remote_self
[Pigu] Added option to download only orders with a specific vendor delivery type (FBP/FBM/All)
[Skroutz] Added gram unit to weight – individual modification
[Skroutz] Added possibility to issue offers with variants – grouping of sizes in the master offer
[TikTok] New integration
[Walmart] Link to user documentation from the integration settings (as in Etsy/Reverb)
[Webhook] Change of courier name for Inpost parcel machines

Integrations – Accounting

[] New integration
[Invoice] Payment date taken from additional field
[Firmao] Stock Synchronisation
[Oblio] Added VAT Reg No option without RO prefix
[Printouts] VIES – Added new PDF printout with validation confirmation (Polish, Romanian, Czech, German, English)

Integrations – Couriers

[Allegro Courier] Added functionality for bulk shipment, Automatic actions to automatically select the shipper account in relation to the source of the order (Marketplace account)
[Allegro Courier] Added marking of the type of parcels shipped at the point.
[Amazon Shipping] Added support for additional information during shipping
[Amazon] Rate limit support
[BLPaczka] Added new service “InPost – door-to-door delivery”.
[BLPaczka] Added option to set collection points for return shipments
[Couriers] Change in the counting of tracking days (counting the time from the creation date if there is no courier pick-up status).
[DB Schenker] Added ability to define and assign references
[DHL Express] Added option to include an invoice available in the order for customs clearance when creating a package via API
[] Added house number to shipping address
[] Option to disable shipment validation during shipping
[DHL] Added option to send EORI for shipments with simplified customs clearance
[DHL] Improved recording of shipment creation date
[] Improved saving of tracking statuses
[DPD] Improved mapping of statuses of parcels transferred to collection point
[Easypost] Added insurance functionality
[ErliPro] Added functionality for bulk shipment, Automatic actions to automatically select the shipper account against the order source (Marketplace accounts)
[ErliPro] Added functionality to automatically select the shipper account against the order source, service against the delivery method of the order
[GLS] Added an option to leave the ‘Day of Shipment’ option blank, in which case the parcel will receive the date proposed by the carrier
[MRW] Update of national services
[Mintsoft Fulfillment] Added ability to define own order number
[Parcel] Added option to automatically truncate a phone number that is too long (on by default)
[Parcel2go] Added missing parcel tracking statuses
[Poczta Polska] Added option to send parcels to the Canary Islands with possible customs clearance
[Rohligsuus] Added support for system tags for the Notes field, moving fields related to hazardous materials to a separate section
[Sameday] Improved display of error messages
[Slovenska posta] Added the possibility to define ranges of shipment numbers

Integrations – Online shops

[BigCommerce] Australian stock shortcuts visible in orders from the shop
[Magento] Added retrieval of products by assigned inventory source
[OpenCart] Import of Balikovna collection point data
[OpenCart] New configuration param, status_paid, to map paid statuses to external payment modules
[OpenCart] Downloading payment statuses from Google Pay, Apple Pay, GP Webpay, bluepayment
[Shopify] New functionality – uploading product parameters to metafields in Shopify
[WooCommerce] Correct parsing of attributes from PPOM for WooComerce plugin

Integrations – Wholesalers

[7Sun] New BaseLinker Connect
[EET] New BaseLinker Connect integration
[Euroshop24h] New BaseLinker Connect integration
[Faro] New integration
[Inwest AGD] New BaseLinker Connect integration
[Jagram] New BaseLinker Connect integration
[Manada] New BaseLinker Connect integration
[Nattalex] New integration
[Orllo] New BaseLinker Connect integration
[Otohurt] New integration
[Tayma] New BaseLinker Connect integration
[Łapka] New BaseLinker Connect integration

Integrations – Other

[BL Printer] New version 1.3.60 (BETA Version)

  • Added the ability to run a daily report using the button
  • Added the ability to make a daily report at a specific time (execution of the report at the set time is performed only for printers with filled serial numbers)

Knowledge Base

[New article] eMAG – automatically sell new products
[New article] OTTO Market – integration configuration
[Updated article] Pick & Pack Assistant – order selection
[Updated article] Skroutz
[Updated article] Price synchronization
[Updated article] Stock synchronization
[Updated article] eBay account configuration
[Updated article] Stock and price synchronization

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