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OTTO Market – integration configuration

The OTTO Market, operating under the address, is a German marketplace highly regarded by customers all across Europe.


How to connect the integration?

  1. Log in to your BaseLinker panel and go to the Integrations section.
  2. Click the green +Add integration button and search for OTTO on the list of available marketplace integrations.
  3. Complete the required fields:
    1. enter the account name displayed in the system;
    2. you will find the API login and API password in your OTTO panel;
    3. select your company’s country from the list, enter the city, and provide the postal code.
  4. Click Save, and you’re done! If you entered the correct information, the integration will be added to your account.


Integration capabilities


Forwarding shipping numbers

To forward shipping tracking numbers for orders to the marketplace, you need to select the appropriate option in the OTTO integration settings under the Orders section. The forwarding can occur immediately after creating a shipment or when the order reaches a selected status, provided that you add a shipping label beforehand


In the case of the OTTO integration, to ensure that the parcel number is transmitted correctly, it is necessary to create two shipments. First, you should create a return shipment, and only as the second step, create the actual shipment.


You can create a return shipment in the same way as a standard one.


You can find more information about shipping parcels in BaseLinker in the article titled How to create a label?.


However, it is essential to select the appropriate option (e.g., Return Label or Service ‘Pickup from the client’. Exchange of recipient’s data with the sender) responsible for inserting the delivery address data into the order as the sender and vice versa, which may have different names depending on the courier integration.




These options are also available for generating shipments using automatic actions.



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