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How to create a label?

To enable parcel shipping, activate courier plugins that you will use in Integrations.

Creating a label

Creating single label

You can send single parcels from the order card. Go to the “Shipments” table and select the carrier. The system will detect the package parameters itself. When you click “Send a package”, the number of the new package will appear in the table and a blue car icon will appear next to the order in the order list. You can also send a package from the order list one by one – in the same way as bulk shipping (see below).


Bulk label creation

You can ship parcels in bulk from the order list. Select the orders on the order list and click the blue car icon and then “Send”. The number of the newly assigned parcel will appear in the “Shipment” table on the order card and a blue car icon will appear next to the order in the order list.


Creating multiple parcels to single order

You can ship multiple parcels to each order, but email notifications sent to customers will only include the first parcel sent.


Adding an already created label number to an order

If you want to add to the system a parcel already created (e.g. directly through the carrier’s website), in the order card in the field “Shipments” select “Other”, enter the tracking number and name of the carrier. Please note that the status of the shipment is received from the carrier’s system only if the shipment is sent with the integration of this courier provided in BaseLinker.


Printing labels and shipping manifest

  • Single label and shipment manifest printing. After the package has been shipped, a link to the label and shipment manifest (if your carrier provides it) will also appear next to the shipment number.
  • Bulk label and shipment manifest printing. For orders with shipped packages labels for bulk printing and shipment manifest (if your courier provides it) are available under the blue car icon in the order list.


Tracking shipments

Tracking the shipment – for the buyer

After dispatch, you can inform the customer about the parcel status in two ways:

  • The system can send an e-mail with package tracking link to the customer. To do this, create an e-mail template including the [shipment_track_link] tag and add an automatic action.
  • you can send the customer a link to the order information page, which contains a progress bar informing about the current shipping status. At the bottom of the information page there is a timeline where messages sent to the customer and order status changes are presented.  Information about the changing status of the shipment is also displayed on the timeline. You can disable displaying this information to the customer in the information page settings in Orders → Settings → Information pages (enabled by default).

The system now checks the status of shipments in carrier’s system and saves the entire history of the package in its database. This allows you to see the status of your shipments without entering the tracking link or browsing the carrier’s website.


 For more information, see the articles:


Tracking the shipment – for the seller

Seller can access information about the status of the shipment in the following places:


Order card – each package in the order shows its current status. Clicking the package progress bar opens a window with the full package history.





List of parcels in the carrier module – in the carrier module settings there is a full list of parcels created with this carrier. Each parcel is accompanied by information about the delivery status. Clicking the progress bar opens a window with the full package history. A parcel search engine has been added above the list of parcels, which allows you to search for parcels e.g. by delivery method.





Order list – order description window. After clicking the icon on the order list, the window also displays information about all packages in a given order.





In addition, when a shipment is delivered, the delivery time information is displayed in brackets. The calculation takes into account working days, so if the shipment was handed over to the carrier on Friday and delivered on Tuesday, the system will display “2 days” in brackets.



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