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eMAG – automatically sell new products

Thanks to the latest update of the integration with the Romanian marketplace eMAG, you can quickly and without any additional actions list new offers on the platform. Listing new products automatically can help in swiftly adding offers to eMAG, however, it’s important to remember about configuring this functionality properly.


Connecting your eMAG account

Firstly, to automatically list new products on the marketplace, you need to add your eMAG account to the system.


You can find detailed instructions on connecting the eMAG integration in the article eMAG – account configuration: How to connect eMAG account.


Offer import

Before enabling automatic listing, import previously listed offers on eMAG into BaseLinker (if you have them) to prevent duplication.


Remember to select Automatically link offers: Yes option in the import settings and specify the warehouse to which the offers should be linked.




After completing the import, we recommend checking whether the associations have been made correctly. You can also manually associate offers with products from the warehouse.


Parameter mapping

To enable products to be listed, they must have the following parameters in the warehouse:

  • SKU,
  • EAN,
  • VAT rate,
  • manufacturer.


These parameters should be automatically filled. However, if this does not happen and the attempt to list automatically results in an error, you should map them. This may happen, for example, if you have values for individual parameters in the warehouse in fields other than the default ones.


You can configure parameter mapping in the section eMAG → Categories and parameters → eMAG parameters → Add parameter.


Mapping needs to be set separately for each catalog from which you want to list products.


You can find detailed instructions on parameter mapping in the article Rules for parameter mapping.




When adding parameters, use their names in the language corresponding to the language of the BaseLinker panel.

Automatic listing of new products

You can configure automatic offer listing in the section eMAG → Listing → List offers automatically/Automatically sell new products and/or in the integration account settings for eMAG (Integrations → eMAG → Listing settings → List automatically).




At this point, you should configure the conditions for automatic listing.




  1. Choose the eMAG account connected to the system where new products should be automatically listed.
  2. Indicate the storage from which new products will be listed. In the situation where you assign unique EAN codes to your products and they are only available in the BaseLinker inventory and not in, for example, your online store’s warehouse, when selecting the automatic listing settings, you should choose the BaseLinker inventory as the source of products.
  3. Select the category in the inventory from which products will be listed.
  4. Advanced filtering is also available, where you can narrow down the automatically listed products based on the name, SKU, EAN, price range, or available quantity in the inventory.


At the bottom of the automatic listing conditions window, change the option Use category mapping to No.

BaseLinker will perform an update every few hours and automatically list offers that meet the specific set conditions.


Automatically listed products may be rejected by eMAG due to lack of appropriate images, documentation, or incorrect categorization.

You’ll find detailed guidelines below:

If you sell products marked by eMAG as high-risk products, it will be necessary to submit the appropriate documentation to eMAG. More information on this can be found here.

Logs and errors during automatic listing

In the section eMAG → Listing → Automatically sell new products, you can check the logs of actions performed for specific conditions. They indicate the number of products added automatically and the date and time they were listed.





Errors that occurred during automatic listing of products, along with their descriptions, are available in the section eMAG → Offer management → Invalid. By clicking the red Error button in the Status column, you can view the error message.





  • If an offer appears in the Ongoing tab, it means it has been successfully listed and is available for users to purchase.
  • Offers in the Inactive tab are unavailable for purchase (e.g., due to zero stock).
  • If an offer is visible in the In queue tab, it means the verification process by eMAG has not yet been completed. Once it is successfully verified, the offer will be moved to the Ongoing tab.


Most common errors

  • Pole ‘SKU produs’/’EAN’/“numele producatorului”/“Tax”/’Titlu’  jest wymagane i nie może być puste. – check if the correct required product data such as SKU, EAN, manufacturer name, VAT rate, and offer name have been entered.
  • You already hold a Product associated with this PN/PNK – check directly on eMAG to see if you already have a product listed with the same SKU/EAN.
  • Product vat_id value should not be null – check if the product being listed has a VAT rate of 0 assigned or if the selected rate is available on the marketplace side.
  • Product category_id should not be null – Product id: xyz – make sure that the category mapping option in the automatic listing settings is set to No and that no other source language (than your BaseLinker panel language) has been selected.

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