With BaseLinker Product Manager you can:

Effortlessly link multiple warehouses and oversee them through a unified tool Connect external warehouses, synchronize inventory, and efficiently control pricing for each of them.

Easily generate product listings from marketplace entries and promptly publish them on various platforms Import products, images, descriptions, prices, and specifications, or leverage AI to create fresh product descriptions. Additionally, streamline category matching, product parameter alignment, and background removal from images.

Automatically issue all storage documents Eliminate the need for additional systems to produce storage documents. Seamlessly handle transfers, purchase orders, and conduct annual inventory assessments, all within a single, centralized location.

Gain access to the Picking and Packing Assistant module Find warehouse products and fulfill orders in an efficient way, including the option to utilize a barcode scanner. The system will guide you in selecting the appropriate cardboards, significantly accelerating the packing process and reducing order errors by up to 70%.

Effortlessly modify information for hundreds of products Gain the ability to make bulk changes directly from the product list or through an intuitive spreadsheet. You can adjust pricing, manufacturer details, VAT rates, categories, and product parameters.

Initiate international sales with ease Translate product names, titles, descriptions, and parameters. Convert prices into the relevant currency, establish distinct invoice numbering series, and define specialized VAT rates, including VAT OSS, to facilitate international transactions.

Explore the capabilities of our Product Manager

Product warehouse

Product Catalog

Product Manager is more than just a repository for your product information. This solution empowers you to flexibly manage your inventory of goods while maintaining independence between them. You can create distinct catalogs (product inventories), and seamlessly synchronize them with your stores or external wholesalers. With Product Manager, you can effortlessly integrate additional information such as language, price group, or manage different inventory quantities across various locations for the same product. You have the option to enable stock reservation, ensuring automatic control over product availability immediately upon order receipt. For those requiring advanced management capabilities, including support for storage documentation and the ability to block manual changes, BaseLinker also offers this comprehensive option.

Product Manager as ERP

Product Manager as ERP

BaseLinker's Product Manager can serve as a base ERP system, particularly suited for businesses with requirements related to deliveries, inventory management, and storage documentation. You don't need extensive expertise to harness the power of this feature. Through Inventory Control, any modification in your product assortment, batch acceptance, or product releases is meticulously recorded within the system. Moreover, the system autonomously generates the corresponding warehouse operations. The system itself ensures SKU uniqueness and restricts manual adjustments to stock levels. Changes are exclusively allowed through creation of an appropriate document, ensuring precision and control over inventory management.

Product Manager as WMS

Product Manager as WMS

BaseLinker offers real-time inventory visibility and ensures inventory synchronization across various sales channels, eliminating the risk of selling items that are out of stock. Moreover, our Product Manager streamlines warehouse operations, enabling comprehensive management from goods receipt to release. Furthermore, it enhances accuracy during the packing process through the Packing Assistant feature, which organizes products into carts, monitors the packed product list, flags errors, and even matches cardboardsizes to product dimensions.

Product Manager as PIM

Product Manager as a PIM

Product Manager also boasts PIM (Product Information Management) functionality, consolidating all product information into a single repository and affording you the ability to manage distinct product data for each channel and language. For instance, you can establish unique product descriptions for Ebay and Amazon, and even differentiate between various Amazon accounts or storefronts. When listing products on various marketplaces, the system automatically retrieves the description in the corresponding language. Through these connections, any change in the status or price of an item in stock will trigger corresponding changes in the status and price on marketplace platforms and in your stores.

Automatic Actions

Automatic Actions represent one of BaseLinker's key features, designed to save time, reduce order errors, enhance customer service, and boost overall business efficiency. This feature comprises predefined event sequences that eliminate the need for manual, repetitive tasks – the system takes care of them on your behalf. You can also apply these actions to products. Whether it involves alerting you when a product's stock falls below a predetermined threshold, creating a reservation, or generating a product-related printout, you can easily configure rules to optimize efficiency. You can program your own automated events, or choose from a variety of pre-configured system automation options.


BaseLinker enables you to incorporate an unlimited number of product variants, such as different colors or sizes, within your Catalog. Importantly, each variant is treated as an independent product complete with its own set of photos, price, and stock levels. This functionality empowers you to efficiently organize your product offerings by associating variants with their parent products. While variants inherit information from the parent product, you have the flexibility to customize them to align with your specific requirements. Furthermore, when it comes to listing your products on various marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, you can effortlessly include these variants in your listings.

Product Bundles

You can also create bundles based on existing single products in the Catalog. Such a set can include several different products or multiples of one. The status of the bundle will be automatically calculated based on the availability of its components. Each bundle can have its own data - including descriptions, parameters, pictures, SKU, EAN, and price - separate from the products included in it. Associating an offer with a bundle will reduce the post-purchase stock for all component products.

Reservations / Pre-sales

This module provides the capability to reserve a product within the Catalog promptly upon the order's download into the system, even before the issuance of the sales document or the retrieval of goods from the warehouse shelves. This functionality proves invaluable, especially in situations where payment is pending. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to manually create reservations, thereby enhancing your inventory management control. Furthermore, this option proves advantageous when handling order cancellations before shipment, as it automatically removes the reservation and promptly restores stock levels. By utilizing this feature, you gain a comprehensive overview of reserved items and the convenience of easily editing and managing your inventory.

Multiple warehouses

If your business is expanding across multiple locations, demands control over diverse inventory types, or requires flexibility in monitoring purchase orders, you can establish multiple warehouses within a single Catalog. This feature enables precise segregation of products, whether they are distributed across different cities or housed in various buildings. This solution proves effective for maintaining distinct records for damaged or used products. It simplifies the process of merging different types of warehouses, ensuring data synchronization and precise inventory management. Not only does this option enhance inventory management, but it also promotes more efficient collaboration with partners and suppliers.

AI functions

Utilize BaseLinker's AI module to generate unique product names and descriptions in any language. Customize the style and length of content as needed. Need precise product feature lists? Our algorithm creates parameters based on available product data. Furthermore, streamline your workflow with AI-powered background removal from photos, drastically reducing the time required for product image editing. This represents another step in automating repetitive tasks, significantly reducing the time needed to create relevant product photos from hours to mere minutes.

Additional fields

Enhance customization with unique product information fields. Create fields like supplier number, expiration date, checkbox, custom notes, or a PDF instruction file to personalize your product data.

Price groups

Tailor prices to different sales channels, currencies, and customer groups. Automatically sync price groups with wholesaler prices at your chosen intervals (every 24, 12, 4 or every hour).

Stock taking

Manage your warehouse efficiently with BaseLinker's stock taking module. Perform inventory overviews for entire warehouses, specific sections, or selected products. Use barcode scanning to minimize errors and let BaseLinker generate warehouse documents and update inventory automatically to save you your precious time.

Purchase orders

Streamline delivery management with BaseLinker. Easily send orders to suppliers and verify shipment completeness upon arrival. Forecast deliveries based on sales periods and restock low inventory automatically.

BaseLinker Connect

Automate product transfers for B2B and wholesale operations. Exchange orders, shipping information, labels, product details, prices, and deliveries in one integrated system. Facilitate dropshipping and B2B collaboration.


Define product parameters in any language, automatically populating fields on new platforms when listing products. BaseLinker allows you to store parameter lists in different languages for specific sales channels or foreign marketplaces.


Assign warehouse locations to products for efficient order picking. Correctly completed locations optimize warehouse operations, reducing order fulfillment time.

Purchase prices

Track purchase prices, update average purchase prices with each delivery, and utilize them on storage documents. Include additional costs like delivery, taxes, and insurance in your purchase price calculations.

Purchase orders prediction

Forecast deliveries based on sales periods and restock low inventory automatically. An auto prediction option automatically calculates product quantities for orders based on recent sales. The system will also add products to purchase orders based on stock level thresholds or other seller-defined conditions, which can then be sent directly to suppliers.

Comprehensive sales management
BaseLinker is not just Product Manager

BaseLinker offers you complex sales management. In addition to the Product Manager, we also offer you access to a warehouse, where you can create a product database, a panel for the bulk offer listing or the possibility to integrate the store with marketplace platforms.

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