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Cancelling your subscription

The contract has been concluded for an indefinite period. You can opt out of using the system at any time. At the time of resignation, you will receive an invoice for the current billing period, according to the account usage (according to the price list).

When you opt out, you have two options:

  • temporary account suspension
  • permanent account deletion


Account suspension

The “Suspend account” button in the My Account section allows you to temporarily suspend services for a maximum of one year. This means that you can return to the system at this time, keeping all current information and the system configuration.

After one year all data from the account is permanently deleted and returning to the system will require the need to reconfigure.

Deletion of the account

If you are sure that you will not return to the system, you can delete all account data and account configurations by clicking “Delete account” in the My Account section. This option will prevent you from restoring your account to the previous configuration. A possible return to the system will require the reconfiguration.

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