BaseLinker is constantly expanding and developing. Not only new integrations with external systems appear regularly, but also new features and improvements in the panel itself.


We keep you informed about all the latest news and updates on our blog


Nevertheless (or rather – that’s why 🙂 ) we are still working hard to make sure that BaseLinker remains as intuitive and user-friendly as possible.


Therefore, in the panel you will find many additional instructions and explanations. They are displayed at the top of particular tab or after hovering the cursor on selected button.



In addition, our knowledge base contains a search engine – this way you can easily find answers to your questions in our articles or FAQs.




If you cannot find the answers to your questions, you can always send your message in Help and contact section in the BaseLinker panel.


Remember to select the proper ticket subject. If you want to raise several different subjects – create a separate ticket for each subject. If possible, describe your problem in one specific example.


Following these instructions will speed up the processing of your application – it will be immediately delivered to the right person 🙂


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